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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Stevie J Finally Admits He Was Never Married To Joseline

 Stevie J Blasts Joseline

Stevie J has finally admitted that he and Joseline are not married after Joseline put him on blast in a  recent interview she blasts Stevie j shading him by saying hen ever had a song in the radio for 20 years. She also says the have been separated and been cheated on

 We are separated and we are married and that’s what guys do when they get upset, they lie, they go on tour and instead of announcing their new music when they havnt had on the air in 20 years + plus, you go on tour and disclaim your beautiful wife thats been nothing but good to him. I’ve been nothing but great to you, I’ve been a great wife to him, I’ve been cheated on, lied to and I stood by him…and when I packed up and I left the home,the best thing you can go on tour and start disclaiming your wife…you look like a sucka…real men don’t do that, if you gon go on the radio, have a hot song, don’t call the radio station on no stupid shit…

According to some of her tweets she plans to expose him as bisexual in the upcoming LHATL season 5 reunion show 

Stevie J repsonded to her inerview in an Instagram video by saying he never married her

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