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Saturday, November 17, 2012

VH1's New Show 'Black Ink" Begun Filming

VH1's upcoming new "Black Ink" has begun filming. Black Ink is an African- American owned tattoo shop in Harlem, NY. 

According to Lincoln Times, a scene of the show was shot Lincolnton restaurant and the VH1 crew will also shoot scenes at Main Street Cafe and Grille. The show is set to premiere sometime next year.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Harlem's Black Ink Gallery Coming to VH1

With the popularity of tattoo reality shows such as LA Ink, VH1 will be having their own tattoo themed reality show centering around Harlem's Black Ink Gallery
The show will premiere next year. 

Dead line reports: 
“The employees are a tight but totally dysfunctional ‘family.’ For many of them, this shop is the key to turning around their lives and for some of them it’s their first legitimate job off the streets. But can they survive all of the drama that is part of everyday life at the shop?”

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