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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daphne Wayans Talks 'Hollywood Exes" Season 2

New Hollywood Exes cast member, Daphne Wayans, did an interview with Starpulse and tells the site what's a like to be the newest addition tot he show and she also shares her thoughts on here ex husband Keenan Wayans.

Being on the show

"Well, it was rather easy. I was apart of the cast that originally pitched the idea before it was picked up by VH1. I didn't shoot the first season, deciding to sit it out and observe. I liked what I saw and, considering the ladies were already dear friends of mine, it just naturally fell into place. Plus, I thought maybe I could offer a new outlook on friendships between women and the beautiful sisterhood that could exist, which I knew to be true, as I was sharing it with these women".

Her thoughts on Keenan Wayans

"Not only are Keenen and I still friendly, he is one of my best friends – not to mention we are very much still family. We've share too much, created too much together to not continue with what we've always had – a beautiful friendship".

She also says does not get involve in any drama this upcoming season.

Nope. Proudly, not a lick. I really try to keep my personal and professional life drama-free. That is not to say that "situations" don't arise; but I really do my best keep it free of excessive, heightened emotion, aka drama, and rather push through towards solutions.

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