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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lil Hood and Lacey Will Be Living Together

During I Love Money 3, Joe, Lil Hood and Lacey became really good friends. After the the show was done, Joe and Lil Hood lived together. Both of them were roomates. If I Love Money 3 aired  , Lil Hood and Joe would have been nominated for Best VH1 Duo in our award show.

Well early today I received an e-mail from Lil Hood and she told me that Joe will no longer be living with her. She said that she will be moving with Lacey.

Her e-mail

After The Crazyness On I Love Money 3 and Almost A year Here In Cali The Crazy Duo Of Vh1's LiL Hood and Joe "The Trust Fund Baby"  Sadly Comes To An End..
Joe Is Leaving California and Moving Back To the Chi  "He Was My Partner  In Crime and Became One Of My Best Friends We dealt with some crazy situations on ILM3 And Even Crazier Ones Here In Cali ... I'm Now Moving In With My Bestie Lacey"  So Keep an Eye Out For The Crazy Adventures From This Sexy Duo

Friday, September 10, 2010

Riki Rachtman possibly hosting another VH1 special

Riki Rachtman who is best known for hosting the Rock Of Love reunions, being a dean on Rock of love: Charm School and being Daisy's assistant on Daisy Of Love announced on his twitter page  that has got another TV gig for VH1. He says it is not a series but a show which makes me think it is possibly reunion show? Maybe Money Hungry?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Farrah & Lil Hood video photoshoot

Farrah and I Batteling The Bridge To Get To Our Shoot Site

Here is a video photoshoot of Farrah & Lil Hood at the beach


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