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Friday, February 14, 2014

K. Michelle Releases New Mixtape "Still No Fucks Given"


New Mixtape

Music: K. Michelle has released a a 26 track mixtape sequel to her first mixtape which was called "Zero Fucks Given" This one is called "Still No Fucks Given" and it was released today on Valentine Day.

You can out check the tracks here

Monday, July 29, 2013

Watch It Here: Lil Mama Joins TLC On Stage For Mixtape Festival

Music News:  Lil Mama joined TLC recently on stage as they performed their hit song "No Scrubs". She rapped Left Eye's verse on the song. There have been rumors that Lil Mama was going to replace Left Eye in the group. It turns out, Lil Mama is just guest starring on the group's new album which is due out in October. The same the biopic movie will air on VH1. Lil Mama will be playing the late Left Eye. 

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