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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pheadra Parks Blames Producers For Setting Her Up To Be Fired

Pheadra Blames Producers

Pheadra Parks is finally responding to her getting fired from 'RHOA' after speaking rumors about Kandi being a rapist and trying to drug Porsha Williams.TMZ reports that Pheadra is pissed because she thinks thr producers gave her the story about Kandi in retaliation for throwing the producers under the bus. Now Pheadra is getting death threats form people on social media

From TMZ 

The producer didn't necessarily tell her to repeat it with cameras rolling, but we're told Phaedra explained the producer's role during the reunion show. She's also angry because that was edited out of the reunion to make it look like she acted alone.

We're told the way Phaedra sees it, she was fired in retaliation for throwing producers under the bus.
Phaedra's been getting online threats, and as we reported ... at least one fan wants her to face even more punishment. We're told her office is also getting bombarded with hate mail, and her kids are getting harassed.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Pheadra Parks Gets FIRED from 'RHOA' For Spreading Rape Rumors About Kandi

 Pheadra Parks FIRED From 'RHOA'

It has been reported today by TMZ hat Pheadra parks has been fired from 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' after last night's reunion bombshell. If you saw the part 4 of the reunion last night, we found out that Pheadra was the one who spread the rumors about Kandi and Todd that they wanted to drug and rape Porsha. 

Video of people's reaction

Sources close to the production tell us Phaedra was let go due to a rumor she told Porsha Williams about Kandi Burruss during the course of this latest season, which came to dramatic end Sunday night.
We're told that during filming for the show, Phaedra had told Porsha that Kandi and her hubby, Todd Tucker, were planning to drug Porsha and take her back to their home to take advantage of her sexually. Kandi threatened Bravo if they aired that clip ... so they didn't.

Kandi told Bravo that they needed to fire Pheadra for the rumor. 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

VIDEO: Pheadra Parks Speaks About Divorcing Apollo On Ellen

Pheadra Speaks On Apollo 

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Pheadra Parks, has made her first public appearance on Ellen speaking about divorcing Apollo. She tells Ellen that she had no idea that he was engaging in illegal activities. She found out when Apollo called her saying he was arrested. She was aware though of his troubled past when they first met. 

She also speaks on the rumors about her cheating on him with a man name Chocolate which was shown the season 7 trailer. She jokes about it saying she like a good Snicker's bar.

Watch video:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pheadra Parks Plans To Divorce Apollo Nida

Pheadra Is Calling It Quits

It's official! another reality tv couple bites the dust. Pheadra Parks of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is planning to pull the plug on her marriage. Just last month, Apollo was sentence to 8 years in prison for bank fraud. 

Her attorney, Steve Honig, spoke to E! News and he says   "Parks "s now putting all of her energy into ensuring the well-being of her two children and making decisions that are in their best interests," he said. "This situation has put a tremendous strain on Phaedra and her family and she is working hard to bring back a sense of normalcy to everyone's lives."

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apollo Nida Fails To Show Up In Prison; Arrest Warrant Issued

Apollo In Trouble.. Again

Looks like Apollo is in trouble again. Today was supposed to be Apollo's prison day sentence. It was supposed report to prison today at noon but he failed to show up. Instead, he went ballistic at his soon divorced wife Pheadra Parks. TMZ reports Bravo cameras were rolling as he went nuts at his wife because refused to put any money on his prison account. He screamed at her saying "What he fuck is matter with you!" and also dare her to call the police. Now an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest.

MESS! but it looks like season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta is going to be full of drama!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pheadra Parks Says She's NOT Leaving 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'

Pheadra NOT Taking A Break

We can now dismiss the rumor about Pheadra Parks taking a leave absence from the show following her husband's prison 8 year sentence.

TMZ confirms she and Apollo have been the show's 7th season for a month.  They are trying to film as much as possible before Apollo gets locked up and their storyline is going to be his conviction... of course

Friday, July 25, 2014

GOSSIP: Is Pheadra Parks Taking A Break From Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

Is Pheadra Taking A Break?

It's most likely that Pheadra Parks might taking a break for next season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta following her husband's prison sentence.  Straight from The A exclusively reports she may be taking a 'leave of absence' following Apollo's prison sentence early this month. 

The site also reports exclusive details of the cast filming season 7 and more will come out about Apollo and Kenya

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