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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Junk explains about the twitter fight with Freckles

You got into it on the first episode with Freckles, and your conflict continues via Twitter.

She’s been on the radio talking about me. She was on the show for two minutes and she didn’t get to know me. She claimed a bed she didn’t get to sleep in. She says I look like Flavor Flav. She’s jealous. I even sent her a nice email: “Gosh, you had a lot of say about me on your radio interview. Too bad you couldn’t say it to my face.” She said, “Honey, it was all for show, I’m an actress.” I told her that she was such a horrible actress that she got kicked off the first night. I don’t know why she’s talking trash. If it’s because she wants to have sex with me, I don’t get down that way. Freckles will never be able to see me in public. She can say all that stuff on Twitter, on the Internet, on the radio, but in real life, I will smack the s*** out of her.

She also explains about Blonde Baller & more


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Top 15 Reality Television Cliches!

Fortune Tellers

On I Love New York 2, Rock of Love 2, Real Chance of Love 2, and Daisy of Love, a fortune teller was brought in to test the chemistry in a relationship.

Girl/Guy who cooks for them.

On I Love New York, Mr. Boston would always cook for New York. On Real Chance of Love 1 and 2, girls like Milf and Apple cooked for them.

The Villain

The Villain is no surprise to this cliché list. Every show has a villain. Ranging from Ashley to Lacey to New York, there is always one of them on each show.

Wrestling Challenges

Everyone has a wrestling challenge, whether it’s staged wrestling like on Real Chance of Love, or actual wrestling like Daisy and New York had the boys do for an episode, it’s always a good thing to watch.

Cooking Challenges

The Cooking Challenges are personally my favorite challenges because it is so funny to watch people cook food who’ve never cooked it before. It all started with Flavor of Love, where Hottie microwaved the chicken, and made it’s way up to Daisy of Love. By the time we got to Daisy of Love, I think everyone was finally prepared for the cooking challenge. That’s probably why everyone did great.

Music Challenges

For some reason, Vh1 shows like to have talentless people sing for challenges. I don’t know how singing will help someone find love, but it’s been on every show except I Love New York, Flavor of Love, and Megan Wants a Millionaire. Ray J had the girls sing a little old style music, while Daisy had the boys sing bedtime songs. I personally thought Bret Michael’s challenge was the best when he had the girls pair up in two’s and then sing.

Gift Challenges

This is the most materialistic challenge yet. Let’s face it. These people want gifts more than love, or well at least Megan did on Megan Wants a Millonaire where she asked for gifts from the guys. But on For The Love of Ray J, he didn’t want a materialistic gift, he wanted a gift that reflected each of the girls’ personalities.

Girl/Guy who becomes the outcast.

Every show has a person who tries to play the victim role. I don’t want to write a long one about this topic because it’s annoying when they try to act like no one likes them. Milf, Blonde Baller, and Leilene, I would say are the most common.


Nicknames are a he part of Vh1 reality shows, except Rock of Love and My Antonio. IT represents the competitor’s character and personality, but it also gives us a chance to call someone a stupid name like “Thing 1” or Pumkin” or even “Junk.” If I walked up to a girl in real life and said, “Hey Junk.” she’d probably punch me in the face lol.


Brothers/Sisters like to go on shows together for some reason. I guess so they someone to comfort them when they’re sad. Whether they’re twins like Thing 1 and Thing 2, triplets like ’84, ’85 and ’86, or just plain brothers like Real and Chance, it’s always funny to see them compete against each other.


For some reason, a lot of the Vh1 stars that have their own show are singers. Let’s think about it. Bret Michaels is a singer. Ray J is a singer. The Stallionaires are singers. Flavor Flav and Daisy…are bad, but they’re still singers.

Best Friends

People think they come on these shows to find love, but then they find a best friend in another contestant. For example, let’s look at the list of best friends we have: Taya and Mindy, Chi Chi and Sinister, Ashley and Farrah, Tailor Made and It, Prancer and Cali, etc.

Dancing Challenges

Sometimes the dancing challenges can be sexual like on Flavor of Love, it can also be frightening like when New York had the men dance in only their underwear for a beauty contest one episode.

Meet The Family

About the 2nd to last episode, it’s time to go visit the family. Sometimes it goes great, but a lot of the time it isn’t. Like when Flavor Flav met Sister Patterson and when Bret met Lacey’s parents, it was very awkward. Not only is the visiting of parents common among reality television shows; it is also common for the parents to be on the shows. For example, Sister Patterson, Flavor Flav’s mom, Ray J’s mom, etc. have all been there to help their children with their shows and make sure they made the right choice.

The “I’m not here to make friends” person

I wanted to pick the best category to end it on and I think this video says it all. Click here and here. Those two videos include Kelsey, Chi Chi, 12 Pack, New York, Hottie, Red Oyster, Unique, Chardonnay, Danger, Lacey, etc. At the end of the second video, there's a funny video of Megan.

Frank Costa

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