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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Site Of The Week:

I'm going to be doing something called "Site Of Week" which every week, I will be making a blog post about a website you guys might be interested in. This week the website I'll be blogging about is

About, is one of the easiest money making websites. For those of you who are interested into making some extra cash online. Cashcrate is the solution. Cashcrate is a website where you can get paid by completing offers/surveys.You must at least 13 years old to to join. I just recently joined cashcrate, once you've joined, there is a video tutorial that will help you learn how to fill out offers. The minimun payout is $20, once you make over $20 you will get a check through the mail each month. Another great way to increase your revenue in cashcrate is to refer others about the website. By doing that you can, make a blog about it, join money making forums,e-mail others ,make flyers ect. My personal opinion the best way to earn more money is to refer others. Cashcrate offers two refferal programs. The website also has a forum where you can connect to other Cashcrate users that can help you ways to making more money on Cashcrate. So Cashcrate is very legit.

f you guys are interested: Join Here!

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