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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Twitter Drags Tila Tequila For Thinking The Earth Is Flat

Tila Tequila Thinks The Earth Is Flat

 Last week, reality star Tila Tequila became a trending topic on twitter for ranting about the Earth being FLAT


People on twitter began drag her for acting crazy again.. she also went on to say she 'died' in 2012

Friday, August 28, 2015

Reality Star Tila Tequila Gets Kicked Out Of 'Celebrity Big Brother' After She Praised Hitler

Tila Tequila 'Big Brother' Controversy

MTV reality star Tila Tequila is back in the news.. this time she faces controversy by getting kicked out of 'Celebrity Big brother', which started its new season after she made a controversial post on Facebook in 2013 about Hitler.  She claimed to be 'Hitler reborn' and photoshopped a pic of herself in front a concentration camp. Apparently producers did not know about her controversial social media posts.

She did issued statement begging the producers to give a second chance.


'Back in 2013 I made a statement about Hitler not being a bad person, and immediately realized soon after that I had made a terrible mistake that would ultimately come back to haunt me. 

'During that time I had been suffering from severe depression, and drug addiction for many years prior to that. I also attempted to commit suicide in 2012, and overdosed on prescription pills. I wanted to die. I felt worthless, and unloved as that pain continued to grow causing me to further spiral out of control. 

'Losing touch of myself, and reality. It was absolutely the lowest point I had ever reached in my life, and today I am truly sorry to everyone that I may have hurt along my self-destructive path. I have made many mistakes that I am definitely not proud about, but I am only a flawed human who is trying my best to be a better person than I was in the past.

'I am deeply sorry for my irresponsible, wreckless, and selfish actions and I hope that everyone can forgive me for the pain that I may have caused. I want to be a good role model for my daughter because I don't want her to go through what I have had to endure.'

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tila Tequila Hints That She Is Returning To Reality TV

Tila Tequila Returning To Reality TV?

During the reality tv days of Omarosa and Tiffany 'New York' Pollard, we also had Tila Teqila who became famous on Myspace. to me, she was the like the very first famous social media person. She had a reality dating show on MTV called  'A Shot At Love'. 

She is now a mother who have birth to her daughter of last year and spoke exclusively to Too Fab about motherhood and possibly returning to reality tv . She was asked if a new reality show is in the works with her daughter and she says 'yes' and that's the reason she was in LA. I'm assuming she had meetings with producers for a pilot.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Say What?! Tila Tequila Says Paul Walker Was Murdered

Tila Claims Paul Walker Was Murdered

Celeb: Former MTV turned Illuminati obsessed reality Tila Tequila claims that late actor Paul Walker was murdered in a ritual after she talked about a Canadian woman who was found dead in her roof top. Ever since her girlfriend Casey Johnson passed away in 2010, she has been obsessed with the Illuminati and thin they are out to get her.

Her Facebook post

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