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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tough love Miami Star Lielani is Dating George from the Show Again

Reunited: Leilani is back together with ex George French, who she met on reality series Tough Love

Remember This couple from Tough Love Miami, well now they are together again after filming they had been separated. It is great to know that successful couple came out of the show. We all know VH1 has history of Love on Camera, Strangers in Real Life.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tough Love Miami Reunion Films Nov 16, 2011

To request tickets, click here.

Tough Love: Miami will have a reunion show. The reunion show will be filmed on November 16th.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jane AKA Jei - VH1 Tough Love Miami - CAUGHT!

Check out this hilarious of Jane Castro from Tough Love: Miami caught taking a number 2.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tough Love's Leilani, Claudia and Jane Spotted At The Beach

Tough Love: Miami stars Leilani Dowding, Claudia Lopez and Jane Castro were spotted at the beach in Miami!

Check out more pics here

Tough Love's Leilani Dowding Talks About The Show and Divorce

Tough Love: Miami star Leilani Dowding who was nicknamed "miss Superficial" on the show did an interview with miaminewtimes. She talks about why she joined "Tough "Love", why she has trouble finding a man, her divorce and transitioning from London to L.A and being labeled a goldigger.

You are from London and live in LA. What do you think of Miami?
Leilani Dowding: I love Miami! I just love the weather. I love that you can do so much outside. When  I was living in England, I never thought I was an outdoors girl. I would always be inside. With the weather, there is just so much to do outside. When I am there, I love to go paddle boarding, wake boarding, and the beaches in Miami are like getting into a bathtub. When I was done with the show, my friends came down from England and we went out every night.

What made you want to do Tough Love in the first place? 
I have always been in a relationships. In England, I was engaged two different times. When I was in LA, I was actually married. He was also married to Raquel Welch before me, but that's a different story. After I split up with him, I have just been single. It wasn't hard for me to date guys, but it was really difficult to transition to something serious. I didn't know it was me or the culture difference, I just didn't know what was going on. So, I figured, why not?

Weren't you voted one of the hottest women in the world by FHM Britain? Really, you have a problem finding men?
I do! It's easy for me to meet people. I meet guys all the time, but it's hard for me to A.) meet someone I am really attracted to and B.) change it from dating to something more serious. I definitely needed help.

You were once married to Richie Palmer, the restauranteur, who is very wealthy. Have you ever been called a gold digger?
I have. But I was the one who wanted to get divorced from my ex. He just assumed I would want something from it and offered me a huge settlement. Because it was my choice, I didn't ask for anything. Because he is a lot older, people assume that yes, I was a gold digger. My ex husband was amazing and such a gentlemen. But he didn't want kids and I did. That is why we didn't work out. We are still friends and if he ever thought I was just out for money, he would probably never speak to me again.

Steve Ward said your ideal man is tall, handsome and rich. 
I actually said I like that is tall, good looking and successful. My definition of success I think is a lot different from other people.  I don't judge success by money. It's you achieving your goals and doing what you want to do in life. If you train for a marathon, do you finish the marathon? That is my definition of success. It is you being at your best and doing the best for yourself. A lot of people assume I am talking about money, but that is the God's honest truth. When I won Miss Britain in 1998, my question was just that, "What is success?" and I gave that same answer. 

We all watched your first official blind date on Tough Love was with George French from Miami Social. Did you recognize him?
No, I didn't. I had never watched it. 

On that date we and your date saw your topless modeling photos. 
It's nothing that I am ashamed of. Go on to Google-- anyone can find them. They are from my modeling days. But they have never been on my Facebook. I will yell at my sister all the time for things on her Facebook I know it's going to get her in trouble one day.  But for the first date with someone, it was quite embarrassing. How do you explain that to someone? And, they had told me he was a banker and he didn't look that cute in his photo, so I really didn't put that much effort into myself for that date.

You are in Miami a lot now. There are actually paparazzi photos to prove it. Are you and George still dating?
(Long pause) I am in Miami a lot. You know I can't say anything! You will just have to tune in and watch.

Who's the most and least crazy in the Tough Love house? Christine seems to be pretty sweet.
Well, she seems so now. But keep watching. I can't say me or any of the ladies weren't crazy. That's how we ended up on the show, right?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tough Love Miami's Leilani Spotted Walking Her Dog

Leilani Dowding Walks Her Dog in Miami

Leilani A.K.A Miss SuperFicial was spotted walking her dog.
 Should we Sing Lady Gaga Paparazzi?

Watch Tough Love Every Sunday Night on VH1

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tough Love: Miami: Episodes 1 and 2 Recaps

Tough Love: Miami- Episodes 1 and 2 Recaps

Last night "Tough Love: Miami" premiered on VH1. The first two episodes aired last night. Here is the recap.

Summary Of Episodes 1 and 2
On the premiere episode, Steve Ward is back and this time, he's taking his Tough Love Bootcamp on the road to Miami, one of the hottest dating scenes around! With eight new bootcampers to train for love, Steve has his hands full. From formerly overweight beauty queen Christine to baby-crazy go-go dancer Chasity to 'the other woman" Avonte, these girls need Steve's help desperately. Steve throws these ladies right into the fire with their first challenge and some brutally honest male feedback.  On episode 2, Steve puts his bootcamper's texting skills to a secret test and gets some surprising results! Later, in the most stunning reveal Tough Love bootcamp has ever seen, the ladies and their dates are ambushed with all the dirty laundry from their online profiles. And it gets worse when the bootcampers see that one of their fellow housemates has an arrest record and a mug shot posted online to go with it. Finally, an Avonte / Jane face off leads to the most interesting piece of information yet.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

VH1 Creates Tough Love Apps To Support The New Season

Today, VH1 announced it is launching a new Facebook application, Ditch or Date and new dating website, VH1 Flirts, to support the series "VH1 Tough Love Miami." Ditch or Date will ask fans to submit their best and worst dating stories for a chance to win weekly prizes and dating advice from the show's host and Master Matchmaker, Steve Ward. One grand prize winner gets a walk on role in the next season of "VH1 Tough Love" and a personal consultation with Steve Ward. The VH1 Flirts site is powered by dating service FunSexyCool and will allow fans to flirt and meet people by going to on their mobile phones or online. The new season of "VH1 Tough Love Miami" premieres Sunday, October 2 at 8 PM ET/PT on VH1.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tough Love Miami Promo Photo

Yesterday we Posted the cast photo's here is the promo with everyone together. Mark you calendars October 2nd it premieres. 

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