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Thursday, March 21, 2013

VH1's "Wicked Single" Receives Backlash ; Gets Compared To 'Jersey Shore'

The cast of VH1's newest reality show, 'Wicked Single,' from left, Rachel, Chrissy, Nikki, Chubs, Chelsi, and Joe.
Photo: VH1

Wicked Single Receives Backlash

It seems like any show nowadays that features young folks partying and acting wild gets compared to Jersey Shore. VH1's new Boston based show "Wicked Single" is the latest victim of that.  The NYdailynews calls the show a 'depressing version" of its successful counterpart "Jersey Shore. The NYtimes says the show make the "Jersey Shore" cast look intelligent.. ouch!

and of course the show has received backlash, which I'm not surprised.

Here is one tweet.
@LongHornsMMA just set back Boston another couple decades, 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

VH1 Announces New Show "Wicked Single"

VH1 has announced a new VH1 show that will premiering on St. Patricks Day. The show is called Wicked Single and it will be set in Boston. The show is about six people who pend most of their time partying and worrying what they will do in their lives. 

Rachel, 28, decorates her apartment with the wedding invitations she receives and pines to send out her own.
Nikki, 30 or 28, is single and unemployed. She desires a man, stability, and (secretly) Derek Jeter.
Chubs, 30, maintains a frat boy attitude and struggles to attract women.
Chelsi, 24, is known as "the maniac" for her hard partying and frequent run-ins with trouble.
Chrissy, 27, a hard-working Southie girl, acts tough but is often the group's peacekeeper. She dates around but isn't looking for a serious relationship.
-Joe, 30, hates his age and actively searches for "Mrs. Right."

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