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Monday, August 10, 2009

Real Chance Of Love 2: Episode 1 & 2 recap

Episode 1 Season's premiere started off great! these girls are much wilder than the season 1 girls. The one that stood out the most for me was Show Me, she needs Charm School lol. & Vegas reminded me of Lacey from ROL because she was an instigator. They both got kicked out, Show Me for being violent, Vegas for being an instigator, another girl that stood out to me was Riboon, she was like another Lusty or Stalker lol She turns out to get eliminated & Freckles who was almost nicknamed Chewy gets eliminated too.

Episode 2 In tonights episode the challenge was to bring the guys something a gift of some sort. Spanish Fly, Blonde Baller,Junk,Pocahontas,Sassy all won the challenge they got to go to a prom, while the others had to dress in 80's outfits. Out of the 5 Spanish Fly was showing the most assets. Lady reveled a secret to Real that she dated women, Wiggly once again tries too hard to make a connection with Real, but at the end gets eliminated due to her lack confidence :(

Right not I want Pocahontas to win for Real & Hot Wings to win for Chance

Megan Wants A Millionaire: Epsiode 1 and 2 recap

Episode 1 The season premeire kinda started off "Bachlorette" style when the guys were coming out from the limos. In my personal opinion none of these guys have that vh1 star appeal to them, they all look too plain. The dudes thta stood out the most to me at season premeire were Garth & Donald, sadly Donald got eliminated. Brandi C & Megan's friend Cecile were their to help her.

Episode 2 Episode 2 was ALOT better than episode 1, the 1st challenge the guys had to give Megan gifts for a make beleive Valenines Day, some of the guys, well most of them did awful lol Al, Shaun & Mike were the winners of the challenge. Now I don't know what the hell is up with Joe, but Megan questions his sexuality well kind of by asking him if he had any girlfriends. Garth almost left, because he thinks that Megan is not feeling her which turns out to be true Megan eliminated him & surprise! surprise! she eliminates Shaun.

Megan & her friend Cecile with some dolphins

Here are 2 photos of Megan & her friend Cecile with some dolphins

taken from:

Brandi C & Megan no longer friends?

Brandi C's recent tweets, what do you think?

taken from


Another cool blog that I'm following & putting in my list MoGeezie's blog, he gives out great opinions in is blog, & very interesting to read so go cjeck it out.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tough Love 2 is now filming!

Jst received a Twitter update from Steve that Tough Love 2 is now filming!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Another great vh1 site is called Owned by Paul from Deleware it's another great site to catch up on the lastest vh1 gossip & news.

His twitter page


If you want your site to be added to my list? not only I will add it I will also make a post about your site & promote it. The 1st site, is called vh1realitycheck it's an awesome site to catch up on the latest vh1 shows & it's stars.

Follow the two poeple that own the site

Ny new e-mail

Everyone here is my new e-mail address e-mail me with any new vh1 news if you have have any.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Love Money 4 Update!

2 of the representative MB Moderators of were scheduled to head to the scene of I Love Money 4, mainly the mansion, to interview Sharay who was dubbed the Punisher by VH1 on MWAM for his time on MWAM and one of the representives got glimpses of the contestants outside the mansion by the pool and on the balcony before they were all ran inside by 51 Minds crew to prevent leaks of the show. He said he saw a good few and it looks to be a good season but wish he could see the rest. Anyways he gave a rundown on who he caught glimpses of and his names are:

- Bee-Ex from Flavor of Love 3
- 20 Pack from I Love Money 2
- Black from Flavor of Love 3
- Chi Chi from Daisy of Love
- Brittanya from Rock of Love Bus
- Mr. Wise from I Love New York 2
- "the Punisher" Sharay(of course) from Megan Wants a Millionaire
- "Sex Toy" Dave from Megan Wants a Millionaire
- Natasha from Rock of Love Bus
- Stilts from For the Love of Ray J
- Chardonnay from For the Love of Ray J
- Flipper from Daisy of Love
- Megan from Rock of Love Bus


Entertainment Zone will be changed to Vh1accessblog

Hey guys, just want to give you guys a quick update, I am planning to change this blog to Vh1accessblog a blog all about the music channel Vh1, it's stars, it's shows & it's music. I am working on a new logo really soon so look out for Vh1accessblog: The lastest on your favorites

coming really soon!


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