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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The King Of Pop in the sky?

MYFOXNY.COM - Is Michael Jackson smiling down on the people of New York?
Fox 5 viewers Rolando Rivera and Felicita Diaz-Rivera of the Upper West Side were admiring the amazing light and clouds that emerged after a thunderstorm passed through the tristate.
That is when they noticed that one section of the clouds seemed to take on a familiar face. Rolando took a series of photos (see photo tab), which show a cloud formation coalescing into Michael Jackson's profile -- or maybe not.
Can you see his face? Vote in our Web poll (see poll tab).
Rolando and Felicita saw this scene from the window of their apartment near Amsterdam Avenue and 101st Street.
Perhaps Michael was trying to catch a glimpse at the scores of people gathered at the Apollo Theater in nearby Harlem to pay tribute to the King of Pop, who died suddenly in Los Angeles Thursday.

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