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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

VH1 Interview: Mamacita (Real Chance of love 2)

“I thought I was going to be the boring one. I wasn’t trying to start fights, so I thought, ‘Damn. I’m gonna be pretty lame,’” says Mamacita about her time on Real Chance of Love 2. She turned out to be anything but boring. Below, Chance’s first-runner-up talks public rejection, flip-flopping, hate make-outs and peeing in pools.

How was the show for you?

It was really fun. I actually cried when it was over and I had to come back home to reality. It was really emotional. My mother told me I should be happy to be home but I said, “I’m never gonna do this again!” It’s true. Yeah, I could do other VH1 shows, but I’m never gonna have that experience again with the same group of people. It was sad. I loved it so much.

Were you sad about Chance not picking you?

Yes, dude! I’ve been rejected before, but that was like, “Oh, f*** him. He just can’t handle this. I’m crazy and I need someone who’s crazy with me. I don’t care! Next!” But with Chance, it was different because you’re getting rejected in front of everyone. The whole world gets to see it.

You took it well. You wished both Chance and Hot Wings luck.

A big part of why I did that was that Claudia, Chance’s mom, told us to be ladies if we didn’t get picked, to walk out with grace and respect. She asked us not to hurt her son, not to tell him off. Plus, I can’t force someone to love me. I can’t force someone to be with me. Why act like a bitch?

Did you love Chance?

I thought he was into me, so yeah, I got into him. I never said I loved him. I refused to do that. But did I have feelings for him? Yeah. It’s f***ing weird, but yeah.

What do you think about the fact that he hasn’t talked to Hot Wings since the show ended?

It’s confusing.

What about the Real situation, when you “flip-flopped?” What was going through your head at that point?

At first, I thought I wanted someone more serious, but once we got to the house I realized I liked Chance more. Then when I saw what a d*** he was to girls, I was pissed I didn’t go for Real. That’s when I told him that I was really there for him, but when I did that, I started thinking, “F***, I miss Chance.” I only kissed Real one time. I pecked him on the lips and there were no sparks. I was like, “Ew. I don’t like this.”

Any thoughts on your tattoo?

I love it. People will see me on the street and tell me I look like “that girl from Real Chance of Love.” I’ll be like, “Girl, it’s me.” And they’ll be like, “No way. Show me your tattoo.” So it helps, you know? I think I got the best tattoo out of all the girls.

Any thoughts on making out with Flirty?

Here’s what was truly going on in my head: I have this bitch, who just went out on a date with Chance. And I’m thinking, she’s Latin, she’s kind of cute, she’s feisty, so I’m like, damn, they probably had a good date. When they got back, I asked her, “Were you making out with him?” And she said, “Yes,” so I got mad. Then she told me they went to Chelsea Lately, and my head exploded. I love her! I’ve been watching that show since the beginning. I was jealous, I was mad and I wanted to beat her up. I wanted to choke her, so I grabbed her and f***ing kissed her. Like, “I forgive you, bitch.” I did it more out of anger than anything.

Why did you pee in the pool?

I have this thing about that. You know how everyone goes to those Vegas pool parties? You’ll always hear people say, “Oh, let me go soak up a little.” They’re lying. They’re peeing in the pool. But also, I was also trying to break the ice, since Baker was fighting with Blonde Baller. I don’t even remember if I ended up peeing in the pool. I might have peed on the grass. I can’t remember. We were all drunk.

What about Blonde Baller? What do you think of her?

I can’t stand that bitch. She’s just really, really stupid. She was always on the defense. She was always starting s***.

What about when Real asked you if you were there for TV or love and you said, “Both?” You said you were kidding, but was the TV part fun?

No. The minute I got there, I was like, “What the f*** did I sign up for?” Cameras were everywhere, and you can’t look at the cameramen. I’m sociable, I like making eye contact and smiling, so that was really hard for me. I was regretting it. Real is stupid for asking that. We were finding love on TV, so that’s why I said, “All of the above.”

What do you think about Real now?

I think he’s f***ing lame. He laid around the house like a cat. He has a cat personality. I’m pretty sure he’s loyal like a dog to a girlfriend, but he’s like a f***ing cat. He’d just want to snuggle and lay around the house with a girl and hell no, that’s not me.

What do you think of your portrayal?

I think they made me look like a straight bimbo.

But you’re not?

I don’t think I’m very book smart, but I do have street smarts. My friends will even tell me, “They made you look like a dumb ass.” But whatever, I think it’s funny.

Any regrets?

Yeah, I think I regret not telling Chance about all the bulls*** he gave me on elimination day, throwing it back in his face. I regret not being a bitch. He told me he didn’t think I was ready to settle or have a relationship and that I was too much of a partier and he didn’t know if I could ever turn that off. I thought that was really fake of him. All the reasons he gave to me hurt my feelings. I told him from the beginning that I wanted someone who could party with me and still be with me. I know plenty of people who have found their soul mates, but who still go out and have fun.

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