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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vh1access Interview with Frenchy

Recently I did my 1st Vh1 star interview and it was with Frenchy! In this short interview she talks about her experience on her past Vh1 shows, her take on the Ryan Jenkins/Jasmine Fiore tragedy, she also explains of an upcoming project.

vh1access: How was your time doing Rock of love 2, Rock Of Love: Charm School and I Love Money 2? Did you enjoy your experience doing this shows?

Frenchy: I had so much fun on i love money2 the most and yes i have fews rol i hang out with even ffrm seaoson 3!

vh1access: Now I know that your going to be on a horror movie titled "Reality Horror Nights" playing yourself along with Desiney Moore from Rock of love 2. How you was your experience filming a movie?

Frenchy: that was awesome experience and i cant wait t shoot ore i have ore movieproject on way

vh1access: You'll be attending the Fox Reality Awards. Are you nominated for anything?

Frenchy: no just going for funnn

vh1access: Now what's your take on the whole Ryan Jenkins (Megan Wants a Millioanire) and Jasmine Fiore tragedy?

Frenchy: i hate drama tttyl .

vh1access: Now I know that you have a petition going on in facebook to have your own love show. How is that working out?

Frenchy: thats not me fan did it i actuelley receive over 10 000emails about fan asking my show

vh1access Are going to return to TV anytime soon? I know that you were in a phone sex commercial lol how was that?

Frenchy: yes i have tv project on way ...confidential

vh1access: Do you want to give a shout out to anybody?

Frenchy: yes I love my bf Justin so uch!!I love my mum&dad & i lov emy bff Wally!<3 check out Frenchy on:

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