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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VH1access Reality Awards 2009 - Nominations Revealed!

So VH1 stars ended up being robbed at the 2009 Fox Reality Awards. I decided to do my own award show just for Vh1 Stars

Here are the nominations:

Male VH1 Reality Star of 2009
Female VH1 Reality Star of 2009
Dummy of the Year
Best Winner of 2009
Best Runner-up of 2009
Best song from a VH1 Reality show
Breakthrough VH1 Star of 2009
Loser of the Year
Fight of the year
Best Duo of 2009
Best Upcoming/New Show
The Loco Award
Shocker of the year
Comical VH1 Star of 2009
Best Vh1 Reality Show of 2009
Viewers Choice Award

Each week I will post up a nomination and you guys will vote through a survey on who should win and by the end of each week i will reveal the winner. As for the viewers Choice Award YOU guys will decide on that one which 5 VH1 stars should be nominated on that on

Vh1access Reality Awards 2009 starts Nov. 1st

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where are the nominees you picked lol

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