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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BET turning Entertainer's show into a race issue

Reality TV has long jumped the shark but I’m going to ride out until the wheels fall off. How else am I going to be reminded of why my life isn’t so bad? Anyway, Frank Maresca aka “The Entertainer,” originally from I Love New York (and also, I Love Money) has achieved every reality TV participant’s dream goal—he got a spinoff show. Unable to win New York’s heart, Frank the Entertainer welcomes 15 women into his parents’ house in hopes of finding the one that will inspire him to move out of the basement for good.

I noticed that out of the 15 women, only two of them are sistas. It made me wonder whether Frank the Entertainer was near fed up with Black women. He didn’t cast the show but I’m sure he had a say in what his type was. Let’s face it, dealing with New York and Sister Patterson was no cakewalk for him. Plus, he got a lot of grief from Saaphyri on I Love Money 2. I hate to turn this into a race thing but a lot of times when Black women have overbearing personalities on TV, they always embody the absolute worst stereotypes that society has about us and even if our White counterparts are just as egregious it never trumps the Black stereotype. When Frank the Entertainer and his parents were on I Love New York, both families clashed severely (yelling, screaming, eye rolling, neck popping, the whole shabang). It became obvious that The Entertainer’s mom is the HBIC in their neck of the woods so I can’t help but wonder if they were very specific when it came to the types of sistas they wanted (or lack thereof).

You can’t tell from a picture what their behavior is like, but I’m willing to bet they’re probably a lot more tame than New York. We’ll just have to watch and see, won’t we?

Frank the Entertainer…In A Basement Affair airs January 3 at 9pm.

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