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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Celebrity Rehab 3: Supertrailer

Here is the official supertrailer to Celebrity Rehab 3 which will premiere on VH1 Jan 7th. I wasn't really into this show, but I'm going to watch it this season because Kari Ann who got kicked out out on Sex Rehab will also be on Celebrity Rehab 3.

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Anonymous said...

that's scary when mindy is having that seizure. it's so sad to watch. kariann is still an immature bitch. heidi and tom theartened to leave. if you leave your likely to relapse i hope they decide to stay and get the proffesional help they need. didn't know that chick from top model was an addict. man that joey dude from real world is wild, he needs anger management and heavy counseling hopefully dr. drew and his staff can help these people and when they leave i pray they choose to live sober lives. mackenzie has had a fucked up life her father had sex with her and introduce to drugs at a young age. mike seems very agressive. makes you not take life for granted by seeing how messed up the lives of these people are. hopefully they are way more stricted with enforcing the rules with kari ann, she need a kick in the ass.

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