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Sunday, December 27, 2009

VH1's Dummy Of The Year Award 2009 .. goes to Bubbles!

Bubbles Wins!

Winner: Bubbles wins with 57.7% of your votes
Runner-Up: It came in second place with 3.8% of your votes
Last Place: Caviar came in last place.

Winner's List:

Best VH1 Male Veteran of 2009: 12 Pack (Daisy of love)
Best VH1 Female Veteran of 2009: New York (NY Goes To Work)
Breakthrough VH1 Star of 2009: Marcia Brazil (Rock of love Bus)
Winner of the year of 2009: Hot Wings (Real Chance of love 2)
Runner-Up of the year of 2009: Marcia Brazil (Charm School 3)
Loser of the year of 2009: Brittany Starr (Rock of Love Bus)
VH1 Fight Of The Year of 2009: Marcia VS Ashley (Rock of love Bus)
VH1's Dummy Of The year: Bubbles (Charm school 3)

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