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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

VH1access Interview: Jaron Alexander

Jaron Alexander's goal is to become a reality star. He has met VH1 stars Risky and Chance. Jaron tried out for MTV's Battle Of The Sweet Sixteens. He has also done another pilot for an MTV show.

Here is my interview with hime below.

Vh1access: Why do you call yourself Celebrity502?

Jaron: Well i call myself Celebrity but i put the 502 because that's where I'm from Louisville Ky, the 502.

Vh1access: You have met Chance and his brother Micha. How were they like?

Jaron: Yes Ive met them they are both really cool Real wasn't there (he was but i didn't get to meet him) but over all they Chance is crazy and silly like he was on the show.. People say that they act that way just for TV but he is really that way in person he is shorter then i thought lol but over all her was cool.

Vh1access: You've also met Risky, how was she like?

Jaron: Risky is such a Nice,Kind,Sweet and a Respectful person when she came to host my Super 16 Birthday Bash back in March 2009 i was like she is so beautiful i can not believe my eyes everybody loved her at the party we even walked in together and everybody was screaming are names it was a night that i could never forget.

Vh1access: Why do you want to become a reality TV star?

Jaron: Well i have that reality TV attuide and if i was on a show i would make it very far because i know what I'm doing. People go onto these shows and know that they are going to twist things around and then when they get the boot they get all mad.

Vh1access: Have you tried out for any reality shows in the past?

Jaron : Yes, Ive tried out for MTV's Battle Of The Sweet Sixteens but my party did not get picked up because there wasn't anybody in my area to compete with but o well i didn't get it but my party was still the best lol. Ive also did a pilot for another MTV Show its still kind of in the works so i cant say to much abut that.

Vh1access: If you had the oppurtunity, which shows would you want to be on?

Jaron: I would love to be on The Real World, an Of Love show, I Love Money Something like that.

Vh1access: Is there any other goals do you want to achive besides becoming a reality TV star?

Jaron: Yes, I would love to become a Elementary School Teacher and an Actor.

Vh1access: So you have met Chance and Risky, are you a big VH1 fan?

Jaron: Yes, I love VH1 i never miss an episode of any of there shows. I was at work one time and i was post to get off at like 10pm and the I Love Money season finale was coming on so i asked to leave work early so i could get home in time to watch it. That's crazy hunh? lol

Vh1access: Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?

Jaron: First and for most i want to thank God cause if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be who i am today. I want to thank my Family and Friends for supporting me in the things i do. to my Haters i didn't for get about y'all I'm going to keep on doing my thing and i am just going to let y'all watch me shine.

Contact Jaron at: search Jaron Alexander

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