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Monday, February 22, 2010

Frank The Entertainer Episode 7 recap: Dana, Dana, Dana

Episode 7 Recap

I'm going to start posting recaps now since now I have a real domain and I want to add more to this blog.

This episode was all about Dana, she is the dramstarter of this show. She really starts drama. she had beef with Renee and now on this episode with Annie & Melody. This weeks challenge was a singing challenge. The challenge reminded me For The Love Of Ray-J where the girls had to sing for Ray-J it kinda reminded me of that. They were paired up Cathy & Melissa, Annie & Dana , Melody & Felicia. Kerry had the solo part which I felt bad for her for she stated that she was stage fright and Frank happened to selected her for the solo part and she had to sing about musicle tees lol But I honestly thought she did pretty well in the challenge. Cathy & Melissa had to sing about working out and i don't know what the hell they were saying when they were singing lol it's like they were singing in a different langauge.  Melody & Felicia went up next and they sang about video games, they did pretty well in my opinion, the pair thats screwed up was Dana & Annie. They sang about sleeping in and they started pretty until lost track in their singing and I guess Annie wanted to save the performance and I don't know what the hell she said but it was a lot of beeps lol it was so funny everyone was shocked especailly coming from Annie. Dana got really upset and lashed out on her, then Melody wanted to console Annie and Dana got pissed off at her because she consoled Annie and then cosoled her and Dana thought thatw as fake of Melody I guess she thinks Melody is trying to play the nice card to everyone.

Then Dana called her mom and her mom is like Sister Patterson, on phone she told Danna knock that old hag (Melody) up and come homw. I can see why Dana acts the way she acts because of her mom. Then they had dinner anda woman came over I guess it was a neigbor she was like a fortune teller well or of she pouerd oil the girls dishes to read their future and she yold Melody she has the evil eye and that she cursed. Frank & his parents were concerned about that, which is kinda dumb I think Melody is really sweet I don't think she is a phoney.

At the elimination is was between Melody & Annie and Annie got the boot. Next week it seems like Dana & Melody have more conflict I do think Dana will get the boot next week

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