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Monday, May 24, 2010

Basketball Wives and What Chilli Wants- Episode 6 Recaps


Basketball Wives (Episode 6 recap)

Episode 6 aired last night on VH1 here is what happened. We finally see Shaunie again. The girls tell Shaunie about the whole incident that happened with Gloria and Royce, The girls wanted to go to L.A to leave their baggage behind, Evelyn reveals that she "knows" who is been sending her those nasty text messages ans e-mails. 

They arrived at L.A and they meet up with a Celebrity chef for a cooking lesson. These chicks do not know how to cook?.... anyway the climax of this episode is when Suzie and Evelyn meet up with another basketball wife name Vanessa who is Suzie;s and the girl that Evelyn believes is sending her those nasty e-mails. Evelyn blew up at her, throwing drinks at her, swearing at her. Vanessa claims she did not do it, So who knows.

What Chilli Wants (Episode 6 Recap)

Episode 6 of What Chilli wants aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened. Chilli's son said that wanted to have a girlfriend which kinda freaked out Chilli because her son is still a kid. She told what wait until you are older which I agree. Chilli was getting ready to go on another date with Billi and Darren. She first went on a date with Bill. 

They went to a comedy club where Aries Spears from Mad TV was doing stand up. He cracked some jokes about Chilli being with a white dude lol Bill had no problem with it he laugh it off. The date went pretty well. 

She then went on a date with Darren the farmer. Chilli was shocked when she saw him because he was not in his farmer clothing. They has dinner and then Darren revealed that he considers himself a Atheist. Chilli was surprised but with her new attitude she did not let him go. 

The climax of the episode came at the end when Tionna and Chilli had lunch and Chilli questioned why didn't Tionna introduced Bill to her earlier since she was the love expert and that rubbed Tionna the wrong way. She threw her food and storm out the restaurant. I guess Tionna was offended by what Chilli said. But she calmed down after.

Next week is the season finale. Who will Chilli pick Bill or Darren?

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