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Friday, May 28, 2010

VH1access Interview: Toastee (Flavor Of Love 2)


We catch up with VH1 star Toastee from Flavor of love 2 and I Love money. We talked about her experiences on her VH1 shows, why she auditioned for Flavor of love 2 and what she has been doing now.

Vh1access: How was your experience being on Flavor Of Love 2, Charm School and I Love Money?
Toastee: Being on each show was a great experience and a one (or 3!) in a lifetime opportunity, so I am very glad I did each show. My favorite by far was I Love Money, for several reasons. Number one, we were competing for money instead of a person. On Flavor of Love 2, I was competing for Flavor Flav, whom I did not even want! I Love Money was filmed in a beautiful house on a private beach in Mexico whereas the other two shows were filmed in homes in the Beverly Hills, CA area. I Love Money also was a mix of different people from different shows, and it was a nice change to be living with guys instead of just girls! Also, I really liked how I Love Money required a lot of strategy and physical/mental challenges which I liked because I was able to showcase my brain and my skills. Finally, I made it farther on I Love Money than I had on either of the other shows, appearing on every episode.

VH1access: Why do you audition for Flavor Of Love 2?
Toastee: At the time, I owned and ran my own modeling agency while in college at Northeastern University in Boston. I received many casting calls and got the one for Flavor of Love 2. I made an audition tape but never thought they would pick me! But... they did, and the rest is history! Although I was not interested in Flavor Flav, I thought it would be fun and a great experience, which it definitely was.

Vh1access: Are you and Brooke a.k.a Pumkin still good friends?
Toastee: Yes, I am still friends with Brooke (Pumkin) although she lives on the other side of the country in California. I see her when I am in the area and I see her and other VH1 reality stars at events and appearances.

Vh1access: Do you keep in touch with Flavor Flav?
Toastee: No.

VH1access: What have you been doing now? Are you planning to return to TV anytime soon?
Toastee: Right now I am still living in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. However I am planning to move to the west coast, either to the Las Vegas or LA area, by the end of the year if possible. I am working, volunteering, and still in the public eye doing appearances and events, interviews, and photo shoots. I am working towards my master's degree in psychology. I have no current plans to return to reality TV.

Vh1access: Would you do another VH1 show?
Toastee: I would possibly do another VH1 show if it followed a similar format as I Love Money, or if they offered me my own show, as long as it had a fresh and interesting concept. Dating shows have gotten very overdone and stale in my opinion, as evidenced by the low ratings of the more recent VH1 dating shows.

Vh1access: What is you opinion on the whole new VH1 image?
Toastee: I think it would be very hard to recreate the popularity and novelty of Flavor of Love and the first season of I Love Money. I think they need a new concept, and, if they come up with something really interesting, I'd love to be a part of it.

Vh1access: I heard you got a new tattoo on your back.
Toastee: Yes, I recently got my first tattoo. It honors my boyfriend and my best friend Joe Verzella who passed away suddenly at the young age of 30 on February 27, 2009. I loved him with all of my heart, so I got his initials (JV III, as he was the third) under my neck in the middle of my upper back, in between angel wings with a halo on top. I like how I now carry him with me not only in my heart and mind, but literally on my body every day, and how it signifies that he will always "have my back".

Vh1access: So Jennifer, do you have that special someone in your life?
Toastee: I really value my relationships with my friends and family, and I am glad to have good people around me every day. As far as one special someone, well, let's just wait and see! I know that Joe wants me to move on and be happy, so I cannot settle for anything less than someone who will treat me right, respect me, and love me, as I have a lot of love to give in return.

Vh1access: Do you have any upcoming appearances that we should know about?
Toastee: My fans can join my official fan page on Facebook,!/pages/Official-Jennifer-Toof-AKA-Toastee-from-VH1/149154474096, where I will be posting news about upcoming appearances and other things going on in my life. I have my own website under construction, and people can contact to book me at their party or event. I have a very busy and exciting summer planned, and fans will know everything I am doing!

Vh1access: Well Jennifer thank you for wanting to do an interview with me. Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Toastee: My family and my friends, you know who you are! Thank you for being a part of my life and making me smile. My manager Mike and my wonderful assistant Robbie, who work very hard to give me the best and get me out there! And especially to all my fans, because I am still humbled by every single one of them, as I am just a normal, down-to-earth girl who would be nothing if not for my fans!

Toastee on facebook

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