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Friday, May 28, 2010

The O.C.D Project: Premeire Recap


The premiere of the OCD Project aired last night here a recap of what went down. This show show is about 6 patients that suffer from OCD. The first person we were introduced to was Kristin. She has an obsession with  washing her hands and feet. She is afraid that dirtyness will contaminate her. She walks around with hand sanitizer and everytime she touches someone she has to wash her hands.

The second person we were introduced to was Arine she has a fear of hitting a person with her car. She reveals that her grandfather and her father both had gruesome car accidents and that is the reason behind it. She also as a fear of HIV and diseases.  Cody who the youngest patient has a disorder of touching things, more particularly his nose and chest. His disorder caused him to do homeschool. He also does rituals by tossing and turning in bed in sets of 18 times.

Jerry has a fear of harming someone else. He has been diagnosed with his OCD since he was 11 years old. Realtionships with other people are impossible he fears that his OCD won't be accepted.  Kevin has had his OCD since the age of six. He missed out a lot in his childhood. He fears that bad things will happen and that puts curses on other people. 

Traci was the last person we were introduced too. She fears that her son will die and does multiple rituals around the house such as flipping that light switch on and off which her son does not like. She feels the constant of dread 24/7.

At the end of the episode Dr. David Tolin showed up and explained to them this 3 weeks won't be easy. I have to the premiere was pretty intense.

Read the VH1 interview with Dr. David Tolin  here

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