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Monday, August 30, 2010

VH1access Interview: Courtney Fisher (Ochocinco: the Ultimate Catch)

Here is my interview with Courtney Fisher from Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. She was eliminated a few weeks back. She says the crazy cat lady she was portrayed on the show was spot on because that how she acts at home.  She also says that would not fight for Chad off screen. She says that Chad had to play a role on TV and she was fine with that. Follow her on twitter

VH1access: How was your time on the show? 
Courtney: my time on the show was a bit stressful i guess..not because of chad but because we were on lockdown for so long!

VH1acces: What made you decided to audition for the show?
Coutney: I actually got a message from a casting director asking if i wanted to do the show. i just agreed.

VH1access: Did you like the way you were portrayed on the show?
Courtney: i absolutely like the way i was portrayed! im a crazy cat lady at home and on the show! im also a very chill, non confrontational person and im glad they showed that on the show.

VH1access: It seemed you were cool everyone on the house.
Courtney: i was absolutely cool with everyone. there is no point in starting drama over nothing. im a very laid back person and the last thing i need is drama with a bunch over a man.

VH1access: I heard that she show had a lot of drama that VH1 edit out.
Courtney: ummm i didnt notice any drama actually. i only knew about it once it was brought to my attention after the fact. im sure ill keep hearing more and more stories that i blocked out haha

VH1access: On the show you said that you missed your cats. How many cats you have? and what kind?
Courtney: i actually have bengals! i have two kitties and they are awesome. im gonna get another :D i really did miss my cats. dog people would understand! dont u miss ur dogs when you go out of town?? well its the same with cats.

VH1access: What are your thoughts on Tiphani telling Chad that you wanted to go home because you missed your cats?
Courtney: haha i think that it was hilarious. the girls knew that i was so chill. they really had nothing bad to say about me so they had to say something. im glad it wasd about my cats. i want them to be famous lol

VH1access: On twitter, I read a tweet from you saying that they will probably be no reunion because the show was terrible. Do you regret doing the show?
Courtney: nooo i dont regret doing the shot at all! it was a cool experience. not sure if i would ever do it again but im glad i did this time around. as for a reunion show...doubt thats gonna happen but it would be awesome. id love to see everyone again!

VH1access: What are your thoughts on Chad?
Courtney: chad had a play a role on tv. thats fine with me! im sure hes a cool down to earth guy. but i would def. not fight for him ;)

VH1acces: What have you been doing now since the show? 
Courtney: since the show iv been booking alot of modeling shoots. working my ass off to pay some bills, and partying...and lots of it!

VH1access: Do you have any other upcoming projects that we should know about?
Courtney: hmm upcoming a project in itsself :D you'll be seeing me. 

VH1access: Thank you Courtney for doing this interview, do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Courtney: give a shout out to my girl katie(red) from the show!!! she is my girl and i miss her terrible and i truely believe that the show ill get more ratings if they show more of how crazyb and silly her and i were ;) love u girl
oh yea, and mom and dad...u guys are legit ;)

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