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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brandy Talks About Touring With Monica ; Possible Timbaland Collaboration

Photo Credit: ThatGrapeJuice

Brandy recently did an interview with BarkBite and she talks about a possible tour with Monica, a collaboration with Timbaland and she reveals she has not seen her episode of Behind Te Music.

Bark + Bite: There was talk of you possibly hitting the road with Monica for a joint tour. Is that still in the works?
Brandy: Um, honestly, we haven’t really talked about it since we stopped promoting “It All Belongs to Me.” I just honestly think Monica and I are in different places in our music. And my vibe is a little bit different this time around so I don’t know. I kind of wanna do my own thing. I definitely feel like the fans would want a tour from us, but I don’t know, I just feel like I’m being pulled in a different direction. I’m definitely still open to it, but right now I’m looking in a different way right now for me.

Bark + Bite: Is there any chance of a reunion with Timbaland for this album?
Brandy: We’re working on that. I was supposed to record with Timbaland a couple of weeks ago, but you know sometimes when you’re that much of a genius, sometimes your schedule kind of goes four or five different ways so we’re trying to lock him down to stay in one place so I can actually go and work with him. But I definitely don’t want to let this album go out without us at least trying to let the magic happen.

Bark + Bite: Your VH1 Behind the Music recently aired. It was a pretty emotional special. What was it like for you to watch it?
Brandy: I actually have never seen it. I lived it and I was definitely open in talking about it, so there’s no need for me to watch it. It felt like a weight was lifted and I appreciate VH1 wanting to do a Behind the Music with me because it was so needed for me just personally and emotionally.

Read the rest of the interview Here

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brandy Joins The Cast Of "90210" For Season 4

Brandy Joins 90210

I guess Brandy is really done with reality TV. It been confirmed that she will be joining the cast of CW's hit show "90210" for the show's 4th season. The show will be going through some major changes for the new season as they all graduate from high school.

Brandy will be playing a character name Marissa Jackson a young politician running for congress in California.  A source says her character will be a cross between "Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama"

Season 4 of 90210 will premiere September 13th.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Brandy Says She Is Done With Reality TV

Well It looks like Brandy is getting serious about her comeback, of sorts. She is done with reality television for the time being citing she's not "wild enough" for it. Let's hope the energy she placed in her television career can now produce some great tracks for her upcoming album.

Brandy was on two season of Brandy and ray-J: Family A Business and made cameos of For The Love Of Ray-J

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brandy & Ray J's Mom Launches a Talent agency

Sonja Norwood headshot

THR: What are your goals for the agency?
Sonja Norwood:To build the agency and develop a great children's department for commercial, film and voiceover work. We're looking to represent actors and actresses and hope to get some triple threats -- singers, actors and dancers -- on our roster. I'm really interested in finding those diamonds in the rough with untapped raw talent. Before we officially opened the doors, we sent out a notice and got over 2100 submissions. And I’m very much pleased with what we've done so far -- being in business only a couple of months, we've already booked a couple of movies and commercials. I’m excited: we signed Orlando Brown and he has a movie booked (The Lot) and we’ve got six-year-old Harmony Love Bailey, who I think is surrounded in stardom and is going to be really huge one day.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brandy & Ray-J 2 and What Chiili Wants 2- Finale Recaps

Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business 2- Finale Recap

Finale Recap
Brandy takes a new approach with her love life and Ray gears up for the biggest night of his career. But when Brandy and Ray meet up for the first time since their big fight it all comes crashing down and threatens to destroy their relationship. Can our brother and sister duo come back from the biggest fight of their lives?

What Chilli Wants 2- Finale Recap

Finale Recap
Chilli confronts her father. Chilli brings the Swedish model to the Soul Train Awards. Chilli also realizes that she wants everything  all at once and decides to take things slow.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brandy & Ray-J 2 and What Chilli Wants 2 Episode Recaps

Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business 2- Episode 10 Recap

Summary Of Episode 10
Both Brandy and Ray confide with others about their big fight while continuing to lead separate lives. Shay surprises Brandy with an alternative way to finding love that gets Brandy thinking maybe love is closer than she thinks. Ray goes to work and comes across an unexpected surprise from his past.

What Chilli Wants 2- Episode 7 Recap

Summary Of Episode 7
Chilli seeks her therapist's help with a difficult issue. A romantic date in the country takes a surprising turn.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brandy & Ray-J 2 and What Chilli Wants 2 Episode Recaps

What Chilli Wants 2- Episode 6 Recap

Summary Of Episode 6
When Chilli learns about a hot prospect's past sex life, issues of trust emerge. Later, a gathering of Chilli's family becomes surprisingly dramatic.

Brandy & Ray-J: A family Business 2- Episode 9 Recap

Summary Of Episode 9
While busy promoting the first single off his major label debut, Ray and Brittany's relationship is hit with another major roadblock, putting their future on the rocks... again. After realizing what's going on with her brother, Brandy confronts Ray putting their brother/sister relationship to the test.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What Chill Wants 2- Episode 2 and Brandy &Ray-J 2 - Episode 6 Recap

What Chilli Wants- Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
In Miami, two men have Chilli's heart racing. A psychic predicts Chilli's romantic future.Tionna reveals to Chilli that Raffaell might have a another girl. 

Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business 2- Episode 6 Recap

Summary Of Episode 6
Brandy receives a troubling phone call about her best friend Shay that shocks her and threatens to destroy their friendship. Meanwhile, while surrounded by women, Ray attempts to put his body through positions he's never tried before.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Chilli Wants 2 & Brandy and Ray-J 2- Episode Recaps

What Chilli Wants 2- Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2
As Chilli confronts Floyd Mayweather about their future, Tionna tempts Chilli with a sexy Indy race car driver. She then started to compare Raphael, and Floyd . Tionna also showed Chilli the other she guys she met in video. Chilli immediately had an interest in the the model who happens to like black girls. Chilli also accepted Raphael's offer for her to go to Miami to see him race and she also realizes that her and Floyd will just be friends.

Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business 2- Episode 5 Recap

Summary Of Episode 5
A girls day sitting poolside with best friend Shay leads to a double date Brandy will never forget. Meanwhile, Ray's on a double date of his own with girlfriend Brittany and receives an interesting outlook on how to deal with women.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What Chilli Wants 2 and A Family Business 2- Episode Recaps

What Chilli Wants 2- Premiere Recap

This past week the 2nd season of What Chilli Wants premiered. Here is a recap of what went down.Chilli Went to the doctor and the doctor that her time is ticking if she wants to have a baby. She wants to do it the old fashion way. It has been revealed that her relationship with Bill did not work out so Tionna Smalls is going from city to city to find chilli a man for her.

Floyd Mayweather is also back in the picture ans he is trying to win Chilli's heart but he is afraid to commit to her. Tionna met a Brazilian race car driver name Rafahel. She thinks  she he has potential and introduced him to Chilli during her date with Floyd.

Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business 2 - Episode 4 Recap

Summary Of Episode 4
Ray J is hard at work--with both his new album and his relationship with girlfriend Brittany -- but it all could come crashing down when temptation strikes. Ray turns to Brandy for advice but what he hears is unexpected...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brandy & Ray-J and Football Wives - Episode Recaps

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business 2 - Episode 3 Recap

Summary Of Episode 3
Brandy is ready to get back into the dating world and with the help of her best friend Shay, prepares for a blind date. But when the date gets stranger and stranger, she's left wondering if this is the guy for her. Meanwhile, an unexpected woman shows up at Ray's door and offers him something he's never had before...

Football Wives - Finale Recap

1st season of Football Wives has come to an end.

Summary Of The Finale
The women start out for a week of fun in NYC. Old tensions with Pilar get the best of Chanita. Melani tries to mediate but sparks fly as Dawn, Chanita, and Amanda try one last time to hash out grievances. Some wounds run too deep causing Dawn to break down and Chanita to unleash on the women. They are left uncertain if being football wives is enough to keep them together.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is VH1 Foreshadowing A Brandy Dating Show? + POLL

Is VH1 planning to do For The Love Of Brandy?  When I am watching Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business, I've noticed the way VH1 is editing her on the show and on the trailer of her being obsessed with love and trying to find a man. I am wondering now if VH1 is foreshadowing a Brandy dating show.

Although on For The Love Of Ray-J 2,  Brandy says she would not look for love on TV. But since her album drops in 2011 I think a dating show might be good exposure for her and good hype for the album.

What do you think:

New Poll:
Do YOU Want A Brandy VH1 Dating Show?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brandy & Ray-J and Football Wives - Episode Recaps

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business 2 - Episode 2 Recap

Summary Of Episode 2:
It's the day before Brandy's first performance on "Dancing with the Stars" and her nerves are getting the better of her. When her coach Maks provides no support for the stress and nervousness overtaking her, Brandy is left wondering if she'll be able to continue dancing with him. Ray's demons are back and challenge him to make a tough decision.

Football Wives - Episode 7 Recap

Next Week is the finale

Summary Of Episode 7
David and Brittany decide to shack up. Dawn worries about her husband Ryan being cut from his team, and the financial hardship that would result. Last time he was out of the game nearly led to their divorce. Ryan has a plan up his sleeve, however, and surprises Dawn with a 10-year vow renewal. The women are all there to support, minus Pilar, which creates more tension. To let off some steam, the women decide to head to NYC for some shopping and partying.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Drug Dealers Using Brandy's Name For Drugs

Well this is weird. Drug dealers got pulled over by New Jersey cops and the cops found 500 bricks of heroin.  Many of the bricks were labeled Lil Wayne and Brandy on them for branding.

Detectives  released this statement:

"The driver had no driver's license. We at that point we decided to call for a narcotics dog. Conducted a sniff test and sure enough right away, on the exterior of the vehicle, he had a positive reaction.
This might pose a danger to the distributor himself, depending on the level he's on. Whether he's a mid level or lower level or he's actually the main guy, somebody's losing money right now."

Here is also a video

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ray-J: I Am Not a Bigger Star Than Brandy

Ray-J spoke to and he says that he does not think he is a bigger star than his older sister Brandy. On the season 2 trailer of Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business, Ray-J calls Brandy out being "jealous" of him. 

He quotes: 

"She’s my mentor and she’s the person that opened up a lot of doors for me. And I think sometimes when you're just in a heated argument and sometimes when you’re just going in and you’re upset about something, you just kinda let everything out. And I think we do that on the show and we don’t try to candy-coat it, or erase the tape. Sometimes things get a little heated, but it’s still all love." 

Here is also the official music video of his new single  "Last Wish"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business 2: Premiere Recap

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business 2 - Premiere Recap

Season 2 of Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business aired Sunday after the VH1 Divas: Salute The Troops. Last season the show was 1 hour long, this season it has been count down to 30 min. 

Summary Of Episode 1
Our famous brother and sister duo are back! Ray returns with a new album, a new house and a new girl! He introduces that special person to the family but not everyone in Ray's life is happy about it, and Ray begins to question if this is the right time to be in a relationship. Brandy is confronted with a decision that will change her life forever.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brandy Says She "Connected" With Bristol Palin On DWTS

Even though Brandy lost over... Bristol Palin, Brandy says that she connected with her while she was on the show.

She says:
"Oh my God, Bristol and I really connected," she responded. "When you're in that type of environment everybody gets close at some point because we are in the same boat and there together all the time." She went on to say that she and Bristol, who eventually finished in third place, would work on their facial expressions in the mirror together. - via

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business (Season 2) airs tonight at 11:PM after VH1 Divas: Salute The Troops.

Dancing With The Stars returns in March of 2011.

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