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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Exclusive] 'Bad Girls Club' Life Coach Laura Baron Talks The Show's' Misconceptions, Dalila Conspiracy , Season 13 and More!


I had the pleasure to an exclusive interview with life coach Laura Baron, who is now the life on 'Bad Girls Club' This is my second time interviewing her, I interviewed her back in 2010 when she was the life coach on VH1's You're Cut Off.  In this interview, she talks about the misconceptions people have with Bad Girls Club, why Redd and Britt really had a hard time working with her, she also reveals if Dalilah was plant or not, and talks season 13.

Hi, Laura how are you?

Hey John, Cool that we're able to do this. .. I appreciate you staying in touch since my VH1 days, man I Loved that show.

Before 'Bad Girls Club' we all remember you for being a life coach on VH1's 'You're Cut Off' for two seasons. Do you still keep in touch with any of those girls?

I do... I just spoke to Jessica actually yesterday. I get asked about both casts a lot actually They were amazing personalities and great women off air as well. They were definitely loved!

You are now  a life coach to 'Bad Girls Club' girls this current season. What are the major differences and similarities between this show and 'Your'e Cut Off'?

The actual physical fights hat I've seen go down on BGC separates the cast. But other than that, both YCO and BGC feature young women who are either challenged with who they are or the environment they were raised. Fortunately , both shows also feature girls who are bright, funny as hell, and open to change. They also each were stacked with challenging personalities. But  you know never met a challenge I don't love...

Have you seen 'Bad Girls Club' before? If so what what were your thoughts about it and what do you think is the biggest misconception about this show that people have?

I never saw BGC. From what I heard it was like Springer on heels. The biggest misconception about the show is that the girls themselves are as 'bad' as their actions.  Not so. They may act out in ways other's wouldn't but underneath it they come from the same vulnerabilities we all have. Also, you should the production team on BGC are made of huge- hearted professionals who are truly rooting for the girls. It was an incredible environment behind the scenes as well.

It seems like Redd and Britt was the most challenging to work with from what we saw, why do you think that is?

Most of the girls struggled with trust , their struggle ran a little deeper. So for them letting in some suited up stranger while a bunch of cameras were shoved in their face wasn't exactly recipe for a lovefest. That said, I loved working with both Redd ad Britt.. my daily clients , not to mention my seasons on YCO and Monster-In-Laws  prepared me for challenges on and off tv. Not to mention, they're both sweethearts. Britt has just started to warm up to me before she got kicked out of the house. So close! We chat now and have a cool relationship She's a good 'bad' girl, And Redd... come on now...she worked for the situation with her feather, I loved that moment. so proud of her.

Were there any more scenes with you interacting with the girls that we did NOT get to see on TV?

Several. Lots of tears, deeper conversations,details of the girls past. I respect that wasn't shown. It wasn't necessary and gave the girls space to work on their issues without getting completely exposed in front of the audience. There were also several funnier moments , we all liked to play. I once even rapped to Jada to cheer her up.

Now there is a conspiracy theory going around that the new girl Dalilah was a set up from you to test the girls' progress. How do you respond to that? and have you met her before she left?

I should tell the producers really like Dalia and said she was a cool woman, I feel like she deserves that acknowledgment . I don't know her- never met her before or after or since . If she was a plantm you better believe  I would've have jumped on in there and never let things get where they did. No plant. No way.

Are we going to see you on the season 12 reunion show?

Of course. Tanisha hosted it, she by the way is a gerat example a Bad Girl turning her brand and life around. I really like her and thought she was a cool role model to the younger girls coming up. I loved seeing the girls again. You have to understand I know these women solely from our very personal and often intense exchanges in the coaching room. I adore each of them.

Now you are also going to be on the season 13 all star season which will premiere this fall. I know you can't say much about it but was season 13 more challenging than season 12?

The difference between 12 and season 13 is the girls had already been on camera so that wasn't as jarring to them. i think it took longer for the 12 girls to get used to it and open up, it's understandable. That said, on 13 we WORKED that show . Every single one of those girls is truly  a stand out in her own right. It's very clear why they're all-stars. You'll be watching an intense season.

Is there anything else you will like to add?

This  BGC change-up wasn't small . Bad Girls Club has consistantly been one of Oxygen's top rated shows for years. This whole season marks a big moment in TV. It was ballsy of Oxygen to give this ratings dominator a new transformational make-over, big of producers to lean into the new format ,and huge of the girls to work on themselves in front of millions of viewers. Not to mention , there really are no fans like BGC fans - so for them to accept this whole change is pretty epic. After all, this is really their show. I'm proud to be part of that process and appreciate being let into the family. A crazy and dysfunctional family, but still family. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Bad Girls Club' Life Coach Laura Baron Says To Stop Using Robin Williams' Death As Poster Child For Depression

"Stop Using Robin Williams and Do Something"

You're Cut Off and Bad Girls Club life coach Laura Baron is speaking out on her Facebook page about Robin William's sudden death this past Monday in which commited sucide by hanging due to depression. While it's sad that he past away, he was a big part of childhood, Laura is also spreading some knowledge basically saying to not use his death as a poster child for depression.

This is her message

Stop Using Robin Williams and DO Something! 

"Now that it’s been a day since #RobinWilliams died, can everyone please cut the weepy act and take a good look in the mirror. Be real. We know people are living in pain, that isn’t a shock. The
 shock is he is not one of the ones we’ve chosen to demonize and use for our entertainment. It’s our beloved Robin Williams so we speak highly of him - he’s a treasure, a genius, a talent (and I agree).

But we choose to ignore the fact the same media outlets honoring Mister Williams' life were licking their chops to report and take down the lives of#JustinBeiber, #Lindsay Lohan , #BritneySpears  and the like. And we also choose to ignore that we consume and demand these life take-downs.

But what’s the difference between any of these people? They all have demons. We all do, including your neighbor… Yet we have collectively determined that some people and some lives, famous or not, can be used for sport. And it’s sick.

It's time we renew respect for ALL lives and cut the judgmental crap. Reject#gossip, isolation, and bullying. Reach out instead, we need each other. 

Someone else shouldn't have to die before we admit…we are all fragile. No one is immune to falling. How you make others feel WILL affect them, take that responsibility. Take a stand. And choose #love, for everyone…"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

'You're Cut Off' Star Erica Rose Speaks On Gia Allemond's Death

Erica Speaks On Gia's Death

Reality News: Erica Rose, who appeared on the 1st season VH1's 'You're Cut Off" and was once a contestant herself on 'The Bachelor' series, is speaking to Inside Edition about Gia Allemond's death. She says that she is stunned by her suicide where she was found hanging by her boyfriend.

New details have come out now since her death. Apparently, she was depressed that her boyfriend, who is basketball player Ryan Anderson, have not proposed to her yet.

Erica Rose says:

 "I was surprised that Ryan hadn't proposed to Gia yet just because they've been together for a long time. But I was expecting it to happen really soon.Gia was a really happy person and everything was good in her life and so I still don't really understand why she wanted to take her own life."

Erica Rose also appeared on the 2nd season of "The Bachelor Pad" with Gia and became friends. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Music: Jackie Madden (You're Cut Off) Releases New Song "Taste"

Exclusive:  Jackie Madden, who was best known for being on VH1's 'You're Cut Off" in 2010, has released a news single called "Taste"

The song is the follow up to her hit dance song "Falling" which climbed in the top 40 dance charts back in 2011. She also lamded  at # 2  for Billboard's Breakout Artist Dance Chart. "Taste" is her fourth single released. She is currently working on more music and new projects.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

You're Cut Off's Courtnee Mason Auditioning To Be Host For 106 and Park

Courtnee Mason, who was on the 1st season of You're Cut Off is auditioning to be the host of BET's 106 & Park. Terrence and Rocsi announced they are leaving the show recently.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

You're Cut Off's Shakrya LaShae To Be A Contestant On FOX's The Choice

Another VH1 star will be a contestant on FOX's The Choice and that is Shakrya LaShae from You're Cut Off 2. She tweeted me that she will be appearing on the show and her episode will air July 5.

@e  me too! My episode airs July 5!!! 

Early this week, I posted a pic of Naturalle from For The Love Of Ray-J appearing on the show

Here is a preview of the show

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You're Cut Off Life Coach Laura Baron Talks About 'Monster-In-Laws'

You're Cut Off life coach Laura Baron, who is now a contributor for A&E's show Monster-In- Laws, talks the show's 2nd season and how she mediates situations to help families resolve conflicts.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose Talks About TV's Hottest Shows

Your'e Cut Off  and The Bachelor star Erica Rose chats with Samantha Levey about TV's hottest shows live on They talk about the upcoming 3rd season of The Bachelor Pad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Erica Rose Recaps On "Bachelor Pad 2" Episode 3

Here is the latest recap from Erica Rose talking the the 3rd episode of "Bachelor Pad 2" along with Ella.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Erica Rose Recaps On "Bachelor Pad 2" Episode 2

Erica Rose recaps on the 2nd  episode on "The Bachelor Pad 2" She tall about Holly being interested in Blake and that Blake needs stop leading Melissa on. She also teases that she has little romance with Jake next week.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You're Cut Off's Shakyra In Wiz Khalifa's New Music Video "No Sleep"

Shakyra In Wiz Khlafa's New Music  Video

You're Cut Off 2 contestant Shakyra is in Wiz Khlafa's new music video for "No Sleep" She is one of the girls dancing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Erica Rose Recaps On "Bachelor Pad 2" Episode 1

So the 2nd season of "The Bachelor Pad 2" premiered this past Monday. Erica Rose who is on the show will be recapping on the episodes. She talks the premiere episode which focused on the Jake/Vianna drama. She also apologizes for calling Vianna  a gold digger.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sneak Peek: The Bachelor Pad 2 Featuring Erica Rose

Bachelor Pad 2 Sneak Peek

Tomorroe is the season 2 premiere of ABC's The Bachelor Pad 2 and it will feature You're Cut Off's Erica Rose plus other reality stars from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

You're Cut Off's Courtnee Mason Interviews Jennifer Williams

Courtnee Mason from You're Cut Off had the chance to interview Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives at the Miss Black NC USS 2011. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose Does An Interview With "The Media Fanatik"

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose did a new interview with The Media Fanatik. She talks about being on "The Bachelor" and "You're Cut Off". She also talks about being on the 2nd season of ""The Bachelor Pad" which will premiere in August. She also talks about Casey Anthony.

1. Where are you from and What was your childhood like?
I'm from Houston, Texas.  I had a very happy childhood and grew up with very loving parents and my brother, Ben who is two years younger than me and my best friend.  Our parents raised us like twins and there was nothing that we wanted and could not have.  We were always encouraged to do well in school and we played a lot of sports together and had all of the same friends. We ended up going to the same college and law school and took a lot of classes together.

 2. You became a household name while appearing on Season 9 of the Bachelor. What was that like & what did you learn?
It was definitely life-changing! Before I did "The Bachelor" my life had always been very normal.  I went straight from high school to college and then I graduated with plans of getting a regular job.  I went through a hard break-up and was living with my parents so it was my dad's idea for me to do "The Bachelor".  The attention that I received from it was crazy!  I had people like Kelly Ripa talking about me and impersonating me.  I was just being myself, but watching it now, I was a little ridiculous.  I also don't think a lot of people understood my sense of humor.  I had to get used to people saying not so nice things about me and even sending me hateful emails.  I developed a really thick skin after that and learned who my true friends were.   I realized that as long as I have the support of close friends and family members, then the opinions of random strangers do not matter.

3. Are you excited to be returning to the franchise on the Bachelor Pad 2? How did that come about?
Yes!! I'm really excited about it.  I was asked to do it and immediately I knew that it was something that I had to do.  I've grown up and changed a lot in the past five years since I appeared on "The Bachelor" and I think it is really important for me to show that.  Also, I really love the other contestants on the show and had met some of them at different reunions so I was excited about spending the summer with them.  It really was like camp! 

4.  You were a fan favorite on Season 1 of Your Cut Off. How was it living in the house?
Living in that house was crazy, it was no "Bachelor Pad"!  The girls on that show were very different than anyone I had every been around before.  They all craved attention and drama and some of them wanted to fight constantly and even tried to get physical.  I'm not into that and I'm a pretty peaceful person.  I get attention in other ways than just being loud.  Regardless, I was able to get a lot out of the experience.  Living with less helped me appreciate everything that I have in my life and now I'm a lot more economical and pay attention more to prices than I used to.

5.  Not only are you a reality star you are also a Law Student and an Entertainment Law Expert that has appeared various times on the Dr. Phil Show. What is your take and opinion on the Casey Anthony case?
From a legal standpoint, she had a great defense team and so from a future lawyer's perspective I can appreciate that.  I think too many times people get upset with the attorneys like they did with Robert Kardashian from the  OJ trial and they don't realize that the Justice System would not work without good defense attorneys.  I do think it is sad that this trial gained so much attention when it is based on a tragedy that happened to a little girl.  I can only hope that Casey Anthony does not enjoy the negative attention that she has received for being a bad mother and that she does not profit from it.

6. What advice could you give to people who want to follow their dreams like you have?
Just that we only have one life and so live it however you want and definitely follow your dreams because you don't want to have any regrets.  There are always going to be haters and doubters but as long as you know who you are and have a strong support system then they don't matter. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You're Cut Off's Jessica Cimato On The Father Albert Show

So couple of weeks ago, I blogged about fan favorite Jessica Cimato from "You're Cut Off" was going to be on a talk show in NYC. Well that talk show is "The Father Albert Show"  Her and her mom appeared on the show The topic was about spoiled rotten daughters . Father Albert tells her mom that she needs to start showing her over indulgent daughter some tough love if she wants her to change. Her episode aired yesterday on FOX.  You can also see "You're Cut off life coach Laura Baron .

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

VH1 Stars Tweet About The Casey Anthony Verdict

VH1 Stars Share Their Thoughts

Today, we all found out that Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY for murdering her child and the majority are not happy, including so VH1 reality stars.

Here is what they have to say:

You're Cut Off

Erica Rose - @TheEricaRose  So mad about the #CaseyAnthony verdict. This white trash girl is going to be a celebrity for killing her daughter. #nojustice. So sad :'(

Lauren Grissom- @LaurenGrissom I didn't watch Casey A's verdict b/c I just knew she was guilty. My heart is saddened & my faith in our society is at a low.

Marcy- @themarcyminute how is she not guilty? that stupid bitch killed her daughter. she is evil!!!! wtf! how can our justice system do this?????

Football Wives

Dawn Neufeld- @DawnNeufeld People boasting they knew Casey would get off - she got away with murder dummies, regardless of the evidence. That's #notwinning

Rock Of Love

Jes - @Jesr08 Wow... Take the life of a child and nothing is done? What has this world come to

Brandi C- @HelloBrandi The state somehow couldn't find ample evidence. I do believe not reporting your child missing for 31 days is abuse, or at least neglect.

Farrah- @vh1sFarrah Casey anthony u are a baby killing whore

Ashley- @vh1Abomb As a mother i am sickened that ill have to explain to my son someday that we cant even trust our justice system

Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar

Stephanie- @vh1stephanie I'm late but CASEY ANTHONY found not guilty?? Who paid off the jury and judge... just #ridiculous and #absurd

For The Love Of Ray-J

Ray-J- @RayJ Casey Anthony not guilty?

Heartbreaker- @VH1HEARTBREAKER :'( I'm sooooooo upset!! Fuck YOU Casey Anthony!! Still a murderer in MY eyes!! R.I.P Caylee Anthony </3

Unique- @MsPastorino Shes smiling because she got off but how can u smile when your baby is still dead. woman dont have babies if u cant take care of them, SMDH!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

You're Cut Off's Erica Rose Says She Is Done Filming ABC's "Bachelor Pad 2"

Erica Rose Is Done Filming "Bachelor Pad 2"

"You're Cut Off" Star Erica Rose tweets that she is done filming the 2nd season of ABC's "The Bachelor Pad 2" which previous contestants from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" competing in challenges to win money, kinda similar to "I Love Money" Erica Rose appeared on "The Bachelor: Rome" before being on "You're Cut Off". She tweets that she has an awesome experience being on the show

from her Twitter Page

 "It was an amazing experience, I met some of the most fun people ever! Can't wait for y'all to watch August 8th "

Watch Erica Rose on ABC's "The Bachelor Pad 2" airing August 8th

You're Cut Off's Jessica Cimato To Be A Guest On A New Talk Show

"You're Cut Off" star Jessica Cimato will be a guest on new talk show that will air on FOX soon. Lisa Tyler is the producer of the new talk show.

Jessica Cimato tweets that she got done filming the show in NYC. She even had a camera crew in her house. She will let us know when it will air, I still think she needs to have her own show. She is hilarious.

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