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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Danielle Staub Vs. Ashley Dupre On Famous Food

We all know Danielle Staub and Ashley Dupre will some beef between each other on Famous Food. Here is what Danielle Staub has to say. 

Was she the main person in the group that you clashed with?

Yes, and I think that people will see why, because she said something horrific that she never really apologized for. And once you do that to me…It’s five years later with my ex-cast I’m still thinking you need to say you’re sorry when you’ve done something wrong. Ashley needs to say “I’m sorry” because she started this whole thing.


1 comment:

Karma69 said...

OMG STFU you loser wh ore Danielle. You think EVERYONE owes you an apology. YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING wrong do you? You are pathological and need mental help asap. Dirty nasty sleezy hoebag

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