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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Evelyn Talks "Dancing With The Stars" + Rumored Spin-Off?

Evelyn Discusses "Dancing With The Stars" and Rumored Spin Off show With Chad

In  a VH1 during the reunion show, Evelyn said that she would do "Dancing With Stars" if the opportunity came up. The producers of the show have been eyeing her to do the show. She also talks about the rumored spin off show with her and Chad.

I just saw recently that you were being considered for Dancing With The Stars!
You know, there was a report on TMZ and that’s how I found out too. The fact that I’m on their radar is exciting and if the opportunity came up I would definitely do it, absolutely.

Would you get dancing lessons at home from Chad?
Yes! We talk about it all the time, his experience. You know he’s very driven and he doesn’t complain about a lot, but even he said it was very hard so it makes me nervous, makes me think it really must be difficult. Just the fact that I’m being talked about is super cool but we won’t know until they decide.

And there are also talks that you two would make a great spin-off, would you want to do that?
Ever since we got engaged, our phones were blowing up with that question and you know, we’ve both been on reality shows and I would definitely do it. It would be different because me and Chad don’t really have a filter and when you see most relationship shows they show mostly the good and me and him are not like that so it’d be interesting.

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