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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Royce Says She Might Leave "Basketball Wives" If The Producers Only Want Drama from Her

Royce's New Interview

Royce did a new interview with miaminewtimes and in the interview she says she might not return for season 4 of "Basketball Wives" if the producers only want drama and fighting with her. She has signed on for another but she wants to show her audience her family and career side. She also says that she does not know if Meeka will return.

Here is part of the interview. You can check out the rest of the interview by clicking on the link.

On the reunion, Suzie Ketchum dropped the ball that season three might be your last. Is this true?
It's true. Let me first say, I know there have been some interviews that have said it wasn't my choice. Shaunie has said "Royce might not be back," but it is my choice.  I just think that we are much more than how we are portrayed on the show. I understand people like drama, but it has become people laughing at us then laughing with us. We need to change the show. We are African-American women and it's hard for me to express the disappointment I feel when I see the show. We all have careers; we can be there for each other and get over the drama. It's exhausting. 

So we shouldn't expect you on season four?
It depends. Right now, I have signed on for another season. I want to show more of my career side and my family side. If that is what they are willing to show and willing to do, I will come back. But I wont be the on constantly fighting and constantly arguing over petty things. I am done with that. I don't need this show to stay relevant. 

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