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Monday, August 29, 2011

VH1Access Interview: Travis Winfrey (Omar) From Single Ladies

Vh1access Interview With Travis Winfrey (Single Ladies)

I Got the oppurtunity to interview Travis Winfrey from Single ladies, who played Omar Vals Assistant. This interview is by far the most funniest I have done.

Starting Out How did you end up on "Single Ladies" and how do you like filming it?

Someone thought I could act. Many thanks to Queen Latifah, Stacy Littlejohn, Shelby Stone, Jason Wood and Demetrius Badey for making OMAR part of SINGLE LADIES.

Your Character is Omar tell everyone who still has no idea who he is?

OMAR is VAL's (STACEY DASH) assistant at "V". By default he is freinds with all the ladies....and their men.

I Think every guy wants to know, Are you attracted to guys in Real Life?

No, I am straight. But I still love you.

How is it workin With Stacey Dash, Lisa Raye, and Charity Shea?

Are you kidding?I love working with them. I'm around 3 Sexy women in tiny dresses all day. Hate me. My life rocks.

You Were On MadTV Hows the Transition from comedy to scripted reality?

Well, SINGLE LADIES is NOT a reality show. It's scripted. So it's the same.

Heres a Silly Question Do You Consider youself a Single Ladies along with Stacey, Lisa, and Charity?

That is a silly question because LisaRaye, Stacey and Charity are pretending to be SINGLE LADIES on a TV show.

When you saw the premiere ratings what was your first reaction?

My first reaction was,"Is that good" !?! I found out later, it was.

How Many Episodes is the first season, any more in the future?

There were 10 episodes after the 2 hour movie. Season 2 on the way....I'm hoping for 36 episodes. I think the fans would like that. (hint hint)

Do You Watch any other VH1 Show, if so, what is your Favorite?

Can't say that I do. But I saw BASKETBALL WIVES for the first time before S.L. came on... WOW. That's all I can say.

Aside from Single Ladies Any Other projects coming out?

There are a few offers out... But nothing I can talk about yet. But yes more to come.

Do you think Single ladies is sending a positive image towards the African american community?

When Black People are working in Television (as leading actors, writers, producers and directors) it's a very positive thing.

If you can pick Any other character on Single Ladies who would you be?

Not at all. I auditioned to play another charcter on the show. After I read the whole script I said; "Wait a minute! It's called SINGLE LADIES. I need to make sure I stay on this show..." OMAR is the best.

What is Coming up for Omar on the show?

For season 2? I can't wait to see my self.

Before this have you seen "Of Love" Shows?

No. I really can't stand Reality TV..... Celbri-tards

Now For Some Fun Questions On Set:

Biggest Pet Peeve?

People yelling. Hate that.

Favorite Episode?

The Queen Latifah episodes.

Least favorite Character?

Don't have one.

Who Is the Hottest?

Our Cameraman "SPARKY"

Favorite Guest Cameo?

Jason Wood (casting director) made a guest cameo.

Embarassing Moments?

Way too many to name.

Best Quote?

"Ya'll bitches, got drama".

Favorite part of Filming?

Seeing people react to it. Being part of something that is making people talk. That is the best part.

5 Things You Cant Forget Before Filming:

1. My keys.


3. To a Hit ...

4. To Brush my teeth


Twitter: @Travis_WInfrey


Thanks for the interview, I Love Single Ladies and Omar... Lol Cant wait for whats to come next!

Thank you.

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