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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Basketball Wives L.A Laura & Gilbet Arenas Planning Wedding

In An Interview with Essence Laura Reveals the Following:

You refer to Gilbert as your fiancé. You two are back together?

"Yes, we are, and we plan to get married soon. When and where, I don’t know yet. I feel like we’re already married though, ten years, four kids later. People say he’s a mess, and I’m a mess. You know what, we’re each other’s messes. Everybody has breakup and make-up moments. It just so happens that ours is out in the public. You learn to grow. At this point in our lives Gilbert and I have been there, done that; the drama, the chaos. We’re older now, and we’re more mature. Now we’re better parents, and we’re taking the steps to make things better. Regardless of our past, we want our kids to see a good future".

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