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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

VH1 Access Interviews: Basketball Wives LA Jackie Christie

After a successful Season of Basketball Wives LA had the opportunity to Interview Jackie Christie:

Hi Jackie, How Are You Today?

JC: Hey Brian thank you, I'm doing wonderful :-)

As we all know you were the most talked about on the show, how did you get on?

JC: Yes and it was not always good though :-) loll but seriously I had fun doing the show and I forgive all parties involved really. I mean I look at it like this... always keep it 100% real in life. Also I was asked by the producers of the show to be a part of it and after we discussed it some I felt it was something I wanted to get involved in.

Coming into a group of girls, did you know anyone before?

JC: Yes I actually knew Laura, the longest over 8 years and Gloria I knew as well for a while prior and I felt like it was a great show going in because the girls all brought something different to it.

First, let’s go back to the "Draya Situation" did you believe the reports online?

JC: The reports online was the least of my worries with Draya really, as I was more concerned with just knowing who she was as a person and whatever happened in her past was her business I really did offer to her that if it was true let’s try to fix it so it never happens again, as I know all too well everybody makes mistakes and no one is perfect, but I feel like she handled it ok after all. It’s her business. I offered her help and we got along well at times I thinks she's funny, and besides I got my own life to live.

Your marriage is such a beautiful thing, we say you get married for the 16th time; do you have any ideas for the 17th yet?

JC: Thank you so much Brian, and Yes I want to get married at GAY PRIDE next time with other couples and same sex couples as I have such a love for all people no matter gay bi sexual heterosexual l so I really want to do it there next time.

Many were left wondering why all of sudden you became so close with Draya?

JC: I always liked her from day one I thought she was a jokester but a all around cool girl so I more so wanted to mentor her and also help her get acclimated to the group as I have never been one to run in packs so to speak I still felt like we were all there trying to get to know each other and in my heart and mind I wanted to build a close sisterhood of sorts with all the girls including her, also she and I had some fun private times hanging out together as well so I was already starting to treat her as a girlfriend.

What advice for couples in keeping a long marriage?

JC: yes INTIMACY! Have to have it! :-) along with love, RESPECT, COMMUNICATION, HONESTY, COMMITMENT, and become soul mates share any and all with each other and you will build a unbreakable bond. 

Why does everyone call you crazy, is it because you have your special way of explaining things?

JC: maybe or maybe they have a special way of understanding real shit loll no just saying though, also been getting hated on my whole life either for my looks my home my life the facts boys like me or whatever, and I'm not really trying to figure it out one thing they really should do is... remember is it’s a TV show and a damn good one at that:-)

VH1 has a history of editing stuff and twisting things, in your opinion how you’re like the way they are portraying you?

JC: I really do not blame VH1 or SHED MEDIA I really do love the show. And I feel like they told a story about a group of women and they told it well so I'm very happy :-) besides I'm a leader Brian, never been a follower. I know exactly who and what I am I share myself and life with the world because I want to.

Do you watch the show along with the viewers; if so are you a fan?

JC: Yes I do and sometimes I watch with friends but I will say I also cover my eyes when it’s something I can't bear to look at like sad moments or when I get mad cause I know what I was feeling and I'm a very passionate woman so when I watch it. It really takes me there.

If you can go back and change anything about yourself in the whole season what would it be?

JC: LOL Good question :-)) I would say I probably would curse less! And would have not put on the weight and dressed that way etc but I was just going through a tough time.

The comments about the show are very harsh considering that Basketball Wives Miami has had 3 seasons, what is your take on that?

JC: Yes, lol! But who really cares about the haters comments they tuned in and watched so if they still feel disgruntled about our show so be it :-) wish them nothing but joy.

Later on in the season the cast come to conclusion that you were the one just stirring up drama, but what really was happening?

JC: Wow really well aright then:-)) I guess since the "Cast" came to that conclusion its the end all to end all:-)) got to love it.

Hawaii marked the end of your relationship with the girls, what was going on in your mind when that happened?

JC: all I could think about was seeing them stripped naked and getting 10 lashes each with a whip! No just kidding!!!!! I really was fine after I vented pretty good to my husband Doug, And we ended our night having some cheese, wine, & chocolate my favorite... & spending some Doug & Jackie time;-)) when your mate is your best friend you really don't need any outside distractions messing with your joy in life. you see I look at it like this if I know I've been 100 5 honest and had and have a pure heart towards that situation I'm good I only know how and I only choose to be real and up front.

Today, have you and the girls solved your issues?

JC: absolutely not :-) loll but seriously though I have I let mine disappointment and anger go long time ago. I do not harbor negative feelings for any of them I will say I do pray for them to be happy. Besides I can separate the two.

What other VH1 shows do you enjoy?

JC: I love to watch Mob Wives Baseball wives, Basketball Wives LA, Lala's full court life, Love and Hip Hop Ti & Tiny, Tough Love there's so many :-)

Now that season 2 is a go what will we see from you?

JC: it is???? :-)

Any closing words you want to give to anyone?

JC: Thank You to you Brian for this awesome interview, to VH1 for the awesome opportunity to share our stories with the world and Shed media for believing in all of us and creating a great show and to all the fans that tuned in to watch and support BBWLA this 1st season it was a blast!

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