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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Changes Coming to VH1access

I'm planning to make some changes to the blog to increase more viewership. 

New Banner:
A new title banner will be created soon. The one I have now was created back in 2009. The new banner will have newer VH1 reality stars on it like cast of Basketball Wives, Mob Wives and Love and Hip Hop

Weekly Recaps:
I'm going to be featuring Youtubers who do VH1 reality show recaps as well as recaps of other reality shows. It will give more exposure to this blog and their Youtube channel.

Music & Other Reality Shows
I will continue to blog about  VH1 related news, but I will starting blogging about music and other reality shows similar to VH1 such as Bad Girls Club and Real Housewives to increase viewership.

I'm also going to start promoting independent artists who want to get their music out their or other blogs that need exposure, as well as interviews.

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