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Monday, October 29, 2012

'Lala Full Court Life' Returning For Season 3 in January

Season 3 To Premiere In January

According to Vh1 Insider, the 3rd season of 'Lala's Full Court Life' will be premiering in January. Lala has been filming season 3 of the show since the Olympics.

HOW DO YOU BALANCE YOUR CAREER AND BEING A WIFE AND MOMMY?”, the question Mrs. Anthony is asked in every interview but once again it has been confirmed that this January we will all be able to find out! Lala and her infamous friends and family will return to your T.V. Screen! With last season bringing in over 1.2million viewers VH1 and the fans are ready for season 3. We will watch LA balance her make- up line Motives for Lala, Acting, Kiyan getting ready for school, making a difference, being a wife all while hanging with friends, giving advice, hooking people up and having fun… Season 3 will get pretty interesting. Hopefully we get a little more Po’ and Dice too! STAY TUNED!

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