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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laura Govan Resonds To Shaunie's 'Basketball Wives LA' Makeover Comment

Photo: VH1

Laura Responds To 'Makeover' Comment

Laura Govan speaks to S2Smagazine about Shaunie's twitter response that it was time for 'Basketball Wives LA' needed a makeover due to the poor ratings this season. She actually agree with her!

“I might say that I would agree with her. A makeover is needed, but I don’t know to what extent,”

However, she also says she wants the show to actually be about 'Basketball Wives'

“If it’s ‘Basketball Wives,’ then let’s hold this title. At least have some basketball affiliation,”  “At least keep it in the group, just have an affiliation. I’ve been with my guy 12 years, regardless of marriage or not. I’ve paid my dues. Give me some people who have paid their dues.”

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