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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mimi Clears Up K. Michelle Drama On Breakfast Club

 Mimi Faust called in the Breakfast Club recently to discuss about the K. Michelle drama. Last week, K. Michelle appeared on the Breakfast Club last week and she thinks Mimi's new man ,who is Nikko, might be on the DL and K. Michelle also slapped Mimi with roses at BB Kinh after Mimi confronted her about the situation. Mimi claims that K. Michelle DID NOT slap her. Nikko also spoke and he says that he no idea why K. Michelle thinks he is gay and only using Mimi to get on TV. He also says everything will come out once the new season starts.

K. Michelle called in and says she has never met him prior to the show and calls him a "fairy". You can listen to the rest of interview. 

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