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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My 'Where Are They Now?" Interview With Rabbit (Real Chance Of Love)


My latest "Where Are They Now?" interview with Jessica Rich, who was best know as Rabbit on the 1st season of Real Chance Of Love. She talks about her memories as well as sharing her thoughts on Real's cancer illness.  She also reveals there was no sex on the show. She now wants a hosting career like Lala Anthony  and also has an online show called Style It Rich.


You were best known for being on the 1st season of Real Chance of Love as Rabbit. What was your fondest of memory of being on the show?

    I would say the episode of Real hitting the guy over the head with glass and the cops showing up. I really thought it was Real LOL 

Now many people think the VH1 dating shows were scripted and wasn't real.  How real was the show?
I'll say this... It's a real situation in the house, but in reality it;s not reality it's only being done for TV if that makes sense.

Do people still call you by your nickname?

Yes! , It's hilarious but I loved that I was named after the cartoon Jessica rabbit that's a huge compliment she is fine LOL and for the record, all the girls calling themselves "Jessica Rabbit" cracks me up. I was the official one I would say because I was on a national show... huge network! for two months. Everyone else has done a few magazines here and there no big deal!

Is there anything that happened on the show that we didn't get to see on TV?

To much to tell LOL but there was no sex  on the show, People always ask that. There was never a time there was no cameras in out faces at least five camera men at all times and cameras at night in the rooms. It was also in out contracts no sex!

I'm sure you have heard about Real being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. What was your reaction when you found out and do you know how he is doing now?

I am very deeply sorry and have spoke with him... I saw him a few months back and he looked great. My prayers are with him and his family. I can relate because my mo has cancer four times and she is still here. She is a fighter and so is Real. I know he will be okay. 

Do you keep in touch with any of the girls on the show?

Yes, Cali is one of my best friends and I talk to Risky as well. 

I heard a while back that you also tried out for "I Love Money 3."
Yeah, bit it didn't air

Another VH1 show you tried out for was Chad Ochocinco's dating show. What made you decide to try out for his show?

Correction. I didn't "try out" Cali, Cashmere (For the Love of Ray-J) and I were placed there to act as if we were trying out. It was only to cause tension with the new girls. 

Have you found love now, despite being on dating shows?

You will have to find out :)

You now have a jewelry line called "The Jessica Rich Collection" can you tell us a little bit about it?

 Yes it's a line I did with Guilty They came to me with the idea of my own collection and it's amazing. I have great products and they are very affordable. I have had a lot of familiar faces rocking my brand such as Draya Michele, shaunie O Neal, Keyshia Cole, Estelle, Erica Mena, Tammy Torres, Brooke Valentine, Terrika Cason from Candy Girls.

Besides your jewelry line, what have you've been doing now since being on VH1?

Trying to get back on TV LOL It's not easy as everyone says.  I am now focusing on a hsting career for example "Lala" from MTV. That's the career path I want, people love my personality so why not host a show on a great network.  I also have an online show called "Style It Rich" I show people how to shop inexpensive but look rich and home decorate on a budget. I recently did Shaunie O Neal's house and her 2012 Christmas tree. She was an honr to work with. 

Lastly, would you ever consider doing another reality show?

Of course! but it has to be the right one at this point it's always good to keep your face out there on small cameos for shows, but the next show I do has to and will be a big one :) You will have to wait and see.

Thank you, Jessica, for this interview. Is there anything else you like to add?

Yeah follow my on Instagram- Jesisca Rich and Twitter @MsJessicaRich and shop my jewelry and more at

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