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Monday, July 15, 2013

Exclusive Interview: My 'Where Are They Now?' Interview With Kerry Schwartz (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affair)

Where Are They Now? With Kerry

Exclusive: It's been over a month since I've done a 'Where Are They Now?" interview. I've got a couple of more on the way. This interview I've done recently ; Kerry Schwartz was best known for being the winner of The Entertainer's VH1 dating show back in 2010. She says being on the show 'quite an experience'. She also reveals that her and Cathy ( who was the runner-up) are not close friends anymore like they once were. Says her and Felicia ( who also on the show) are best friends. After being on the show, she got a job working as a casting producer for the Bull Cunningham Show. Her dream now is too become a celebrity interviewer. She has interviewed countless number of celebrities and reality stars in her own show "Getting Comfy With Kerry."

We all know as the winner of 'Frank The entertainer.. a Basement Affiar." What was your fondest of memory of being on that show? and do you still keep in touch with Frank?
Being the winner on frank the entertainer was quite the experience. I have so many great memories from being on the show! One of my fondest memories was obviously when I won the show. I was so into Frank at the time and I was really overjoyed when he chose me. However, some of the most memorable were with the girls in the house. I got along with everyone, So just hanging out, getting to know the girls, and doing these crazy, fun challenges everyday with them were the most fun. It was kind of like the sorority I never had in college that I always wanted.  Frank and I no longer keep in touch. However, I wish him the best and really do hope he is well! Everything happens for a reason. I have actually been in a serious relationship now for about three years. His name is Chris James. He is super supportive in everything I do in my career, has a heart of gold, and happens to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I couldn't be more in Love.

You were on the show with your friend Cathy who was the runner-up. Are you guys still friends?
Unfortunately Cathy and I aren't close friends anymore like we used to. Not for any specific reason, We are both in serious relationships now and I think we kind of grew apart. However, Sometimes I miss her and think about her. She will always have a special place in my heart and wish her nothing but happiness now and in the future.

Do you still keep in contact with any of the other girls from the show?

 I kept in touch with most of the girls for a while, But as time when on we don't keep in touch at all. Maybe a facebook message here and there to wish each other a happy birthday. There is one girl I keep in touch with, see every weekend, and has truly become my BEST FRIENDs and a sister to me. Felicia. I am most thankful for  meeting her on that show. That was the best thing that came out of it! She has become a huge part of my life and really couldn't picture my life without her.

After being on that show, you've done a lot of other stuff like "The Bill Cunningham Show".  How is like working there and what do you do?
 Currently, I work as the Audience casting producer at the Bill Cunningham Show on pix11. I absolutely love my job and couldn't ask to work with a more fabulous team and Host! They have become my second family and my home away from home. Be sure to check it out Mon-Fri at 1pm!

You're also a celebrity interviewer now on your own show "Getting Comfy With Kerry" Which celebrities have you interviewed and which celebrities do you want to interview in the future?
Yes, I am currently doing celebrity interviews and trying to get my dream job, as a host! :)

"Getting Comfy with Kerry" is a show that premises a sit down, one on one interview with a celebrity. Kerry Schwartz exclusively chats with each celeb and gets down to the raw and real facts of the gossip circulating each celeb. You may hear their stories and naughty dirty laundry via tabloids and media but getting comfy with Kerry captures the truth from the subjects mouth. Look forward to a segment called "off the cuff" where Kerry asks out of the ordinary questions ( vodka or tequila, do you consider yourself a freak, sleep with clothes or naked, etc) Nothing is off limits! Kerry is very charismatic, outgoing, and has a personality that meches with just about anybody!Be prepared to laugh, relate and tear up at times. The set is always a couch or bed etc. SO the celeb is "Getting comfy" in a "comfy" setting. I've had celebs anywhere from dmx's wife Tshera, ying yang twins, Quinton Aaron (main actor from blindside) to mob wives Carla and Drita! 

Is there anything else would like to add?

Follow me on twitter @COMFYWITHKERRY

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My' Where Are They Now' Interview With Hottie ( Flavor Of Love)


Here is my exclusive 'where are they now" interview with Scahtar Sapphira who is best known as Hottie for the 1st season of Flavor of Love. She talks about what really went on being in Flavor Of Love, She's now in a dramatic scripted series called " Eros: Emmanuel and Me", she also reveals that she is engaged.

1. Schatar how are you? 

Having a Marvelous Day full of excitement 

2. Everyone knows you as being Hottie on "Flavor of Love" What was your fondest memory being on the show? 

Other than being a star in one of VH1’s/ MTV’s #1 Rated Hit Shows "Flavor of Love" and "Charm School" baby, the great food and learning that Flavor Flav is a classically trained musician. The ka ching ka ching noise production added when I blinked my eyes was cool. 

3. Your most memorable moment on the show was the episode where you put that chicken in the microwave. Did you seriously thought the microwave was going to cook the chicken? 

No Worries. Look, the button on the microwave said "chicken", but I did not know it was just for defrost. I have never cooked a whole chicken in my life. 

4. Did anything else happened on the show that did not aired on TV? 

Yes, honey, drama every day! Everyday when we were glamorous for the evening activities or elimination ceremony, there would be a black out on our side of the house. It wasn't until after taping wrapped and I unpacked my luggage that I saw that the cord on my blow dryer had been cut so tthe copper wire was hanging out. The competition was real. Some people will do anything to try to get rid off the strongest competition. Its up to you when you're on set to watch your back and sleep with one eye open while staying at the top of your game. And that detector test! I ended up looking one way instead of another. But the truth prevails. For example, during the reunion show, Lala Anthony took an actual tape measure and measured my waist, live, on camera, in front of a live studio audience, which was a surprise to me! I didn't know it was coming. Did I shy away? I didn't because I knew the truth. That tape measure showed my waist to be the 27 inches that I had said it was. The truth always prevails. 

5. Do you still keep in touch with Flav or any of the girls from show?

 In reality, yes I do. In fact, Jennifer "Toastee" Toof was a guest on my Reality TV 101 series. See for her story. 

6. You also appeared on Charm school. What was your fondest memory being on that show? I remember you were set up to be eliminated. How did you feel about that? 

The obstacle course and the Wine at the firestone mansion. I quote myself. This reflects the two extremes in life, where one is fighting and struggling just to get through the day and the reward for the achievement after the hard struggles and overcoming obstacles that one endures. 

7. Now fast forward to today. What have been doing now since being on VH1? 

I am presenting at the Emmys, Pacific Southwest Chapter. I am a voting member of Grammy’s which means I have also been busy in the recording studio. I am the Cover girl of Ambiance Magazine Spring Issue and I am currently starring in "Eros: Emmanuel and Me" a dramatic scripted series in which I am the lead, playing a Fortune 500 CEO. Its a passionate, steamy love story of triumph, scandal and revenge. It premiered with over two million viewers. In the series, does love prevail against all odds? Tune in and find out. The official page for the series is Also, the movie "He's Mine, Not Yours", I play a vixen. Recently found out that this movie made "the most popular list" on Netflix. I star in "Exedia Nation", sci fi feature as an alien heroine. I produced "What’s Next TV" which aired on tv in Europe and which we hope to bring to a network soon in the states as well as reviewing other scripts. 

8. You now have a webcast called RealityTV101 can you explain more about it? 

We keep it light, fun, smart and sexy as we discuss what's trending, what's new and what's now in reality tv. We do a podcast and a webcast. Tune in Sundays at 11am and 1pm Pacific! See rtv101 for show info. 

9. Would you ever considered doing reality tv again? 

Definitely. I have been approached a few times. Maybe as a Principal, a guest judge. Yea I would love to be a judge on one of the talent shows, here in America or elsewhere. When the right show and the right contract meet ,you will see me. 

10. Is there any thing else you would like to add?

 Alright, alright. I will spill it here first... I am engaged to an amazing man and a wedding is scheduled in a private location. l will hold off on additional details at this time. Humbly, on screen, stage and in music, I am intending to continue to master my craft as a performer and rise like the sun above the tops of the pyramids of the entertainment world. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My 'Where Are They Now" Interview With Renee Lee Taylor (Frank The Entertainer.. A Basement Affiar)

Exclusive Interview

Here is another 'Where Are They Now?" interview that I did recently. This time it's with Renee who was best known being on Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affiar. The show was one of VH1's last dating shows to air and it only lasted one season . She was portayed as the emotional wreck on the show and she tells me what is she doing now. 

John Taylor: Hey Renee, how are you?

Renee Lee Taylor: I'm good John, thank-you for asking. I hope things are well with you!

John Taylor: You were best known for appearing on "Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affair." What was your fondest memory being on the show?

Renee Lee taylor: My fondest memory ( while on the show ) was winning the talent date, and then getting the first key from Frank. What a great feeling that was. My fondest memory during that time would have to be realizing that I can do this. Being on tv was something I had dreamed about since I was very young, and doing this without an agent, or prior television experience was amazing to me, especially if you knew where I live ( nothing happens here! ). The people I had met throughout the process was just an overall cool experience. 
And for those of you who may be shouting at the screen saying she only wanted to be on tv, I actually was in fact open for love at the time. That part was true. 

John Taylor: You were kinda portrayed as the emotional wreck on the show. Now was that how you really are or just a persona created by the producers?

Renee Lee taylor: I admit to being an emotional person, and I do wear my heart on my sleeve. However, the producers portrayed me in a way where it was exaggerated for entertainment purposes. I am NOT a desperate person. I am however a competitive one. A lot of the time I was laughing at myself throughout the process, this is something they didn't show at all.

John Taylor: Was that really is house? because I remember when the show aired people said that wasn't really his house on the show.

Renee Lee Taylor: It was not really the house that they live in. The Maresca's do not live far from it, and there were elements within the house that were their actual items.

John Taylor: On the show, you also kinda had beef with Dana. Why do you think she picked on you?

Renee Lee Taylor: Dana tried to pick on anyone that she could to gain air time. She targeted me because she had known I wasn't a mean person, and she felt I was an easy target. She probably also had a feeling that I was getting a lot of camera time and wanted the same. Dana isn't really emotionally stable, or at least she didn't act that way while I was there. She'll act like your friend one minute, and attack you the next. I have no idea how she is today.

John Taylor: Did anything thing else happened on the show that did not air on TV?

Renee Lee Taylor: There were plenty of things that they did not air. They didn't air that I got along with Jess, Melody, or Mandy. They didn't show how much Frank's parents had liked me from the beginning, which actually contributed to a lot of the girls turning against me at the time. They didn't show a horrible fight I had with Felica on the beach. Where she tried to tear me completely apart, even critiquing my job. They didn't show that because they didn't want to portray her as being a bitch. They didn't show lighter moments such as Christi, Jess, and I making up musicals about the show in the kitchen. That would of been cute.

John Taylor: Do you still keep in touch of Frank and his mom? I know that his father passed away back in 2010. What about the girls?

Renee Lee Taylor: I keep in touch with Frank's brother Sal, and we've had a friendship since meeting on the show. As for the rest of them, I don't talk to anyone else on the phone. I wish Frank and his family the very best! They really are a great group of people! I do keep in touch with a few of the girls on facebook. Cathy and I comment on each other's pages frequently, and once in a great while I hear from Christi, Melody, and Jess. The rest rarely update, or we just don't talk at all. It's nothing personal. I miss a few, and would love to hear from them!

John Taylor: It's been three years since the show aired, have you found love now?

Renee Lee Taylor: Yes, my third engagement finally made it down the isle. haha

John Taylor:Let's about the present, First off I want to send my prayers to the people at Boston because 
I know you live there.

Renee Lee Taylor: Thank-you, what happened in Boston is surreal. It's hard for me to believe, and fortunately I didn't know anyone directly affected. However, my heart truly goes out to everyone involved. It's heart breaking. The people of Boston are Strong, and we will recover!

John Taylor: What have you've been doing now since being on VH1?

Renee Lee Taylor: After VH1 I got a few offers to do some gigs but they all fell through. It was disappointing. 51 Minds decided to soon after cancel basically all the love shows, so there was no hope of I love Money, or Charm School. There's not much opportunity where I live, so I decided to do the next best thing, and that is to finish my degree! Right now I am studying theater, writing, and just getting back into the things that I love. It's a great feeling to be back. From there I would like to move somewhere there is more excitement and opportunities for me. If $$ wasn't an issue, I would have already of left! I have no idea what the future holds, however if the right opportunity knocks, I will answer it. 

John Taylor: Would you ever consider doing reality TV again?

Renee Lee Taylor: Yes, but I would do it a lot differently. First off, I've grown so much since the experience. I took a lot of things personally and to heart back then, and I would sincerely try not to next time around. The hardest part for me was reading straight up LIES about me over the Internet ( written by people with no job, life, or anything better to do ). That was very hard. But it happens to everyone that's on TV. No matter how nice, good looking, ect, someone will have something negative to say, and one day with the help of some good people in my life, I got the strength to just say f*ck it, and not look at it anymore. What will be will be. When your on tv it brings out the best and worst in people that you know. They either will be very happy for you, or be insanely jealous/negative. Fortunately I also got a lot of positive feed back from wonderful fans of the show. There really are some good people out there, and I am grateful for that! I would have loved to do I love money, or Charm School. But to be honest what I'd love even more would be to be on a scripted sitcom, soap opera, or the movies.

John Taylor: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Renee Lee Taylor: I can't say what the future holds for me for sure, but I do believe you haven't heard the last of me.  Please be kind to others, as life is short. Take reality TV as bits and pieces, and with a grain of salt. Don't take it all so seriously.... just enjoy it for what it's worth. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My 'Where Are They Now" Interview With Jessica Kinni (Rock Of Love 2)

Exclusive Interview

Jessica Kinni was one my favorite girls on the second season of Rock Of Love. She is now doing many thing now including a new movie  and many hosting amodeling gigs. She talks about her memories being on Rock of Love and admits she only did charm school for the money. 

John Taylor: Hey, Jessica how are you?

Jessica Kinni: Hi John, I'm doing great, my birthday is this week so I am in an especially good mood!

John Taylor: You were best known for appearing on the 2nd season of "Rock of Love". What was your fondest memory being on the show?

Jessica Kinni: Wow, that's a really hard question to answer! The entire experience was really positive for me and I learned a lot about myself in the process.  People tuning in really only saw all of the wild stuff on TV, but what they didn't get to see was how a lot of us became friends and bonded over the "wild ride" that we were on,and how on our down time we would just hang out with Bret and he would play his guitar for us.  Those are the memories that I keep and am grateful for.

John Taylor: You were kinda like the underdog on the show, yet you made it far. I believe you made it to 4th place? did you expect to go that far on the show?

Jessica Kinni: It's funny, I remember walking into the house and having absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into, let alone expectations about how long I would last in the show.  I was just there for the chance to get to know this really cool guy and I got that chance, so it was a great turnout for me.

John Taylor: Now was there anything that happened on the show that did not air on TV?

Jessica Kinni: Oops...I think I already answered that in the question above! Oh, I remember we were shooting over Thanksgiving and Bret brought in this AMAZING Thanksgiving dinner and we had a great time.  That was really sweet of him and I don't think they showed it on TV.  Bret was always really thoughtful of everyone and I feel like the audience didn't get to see enough of that side of him.

John Taylor: Do you still keep in touch with Bret Michaels or any of the girls from the show? On the show, you were kinda close with Megan. Do you still keep in touch with her?

Jessica Kinni: I don't get to keep in touch with much of the cast.  I wish I did, but everyone is pretty split up all over the country doing different things.  I hear from people every now and then and follow some of the gang on Twitter, but that's about it.

John Taylor: So despite being on the show, have you found love?

Jessica Kinni: Hahaha "despite" being on the personal life has somehow managed to yield positive results.

John Taylor: You also appeared on The Rock Of Love: Edition of Charm School. What made you decide to join that show? because to me, you really didn't need charm school.

Jessica Kinni: One word "money" I'd like a quarter of a million dollars, just as much as the next girl.

John Taylor: Let's talk the present now. You have a new film coming out called "Mood Swings"  Can you tell me what the movie is about? 

Jessica Kinni: Yes, I am very excited! I can't say too much about it just yet, but I'm slated to play a wife who goes a little over the edge when she becomes pregnant and VERY hormonal! It's going to be a lot of fun :-D

John Taylor: Besides your new movie, what else have you been since being on VH1? 

Jessica Kinni: Well, I am a hard working actress these days!  I spend my days auditioning and I have been working with an amazing acting coach as well.  I spend my time acting, modeling and hosting! In fact recently I have been doing special field correspondence work for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for and Emmy Magazine! I've also been involved with some other really great projects that you can find on my IMDB page at  I just love to be creative, it is the force that drives me....that, and chocolate! Hahahahah

John Taylor: Would ever consider doing reality TV again?

Jessica Kinni: If there was a really cool project, I would definitely consider it, however I think what I really love, Reality TV-wise is hosting! If I was approached about hosting or doing correspondence for a Reality TV Show, that would be the perfect fit for me!

John Taylor: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Jessica Kinni: Thanks for interviewing me John, I have so many fond memories from my experiences on Reality TV and it's so much fun to reflect on where I have been, but I'm just as excited about where I am heading! VH1 has been so great to me and have always been so supportive.  I can't wait to see what comes next! 

I'm including a couple of links so anyone who wants to keep up with me will be able to -

Jessica Kinni:

Twitter @JessicaKinni

Instagram @JessicaKinni

She also sent a video she did doing a parody of Star Trek

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My 'Where Are They Now?" Interview With Rabbit (Real Chance Of Love)


My latest "Where Are They Now?" interview with Jessica Rich, who was best know as Rabbit on the 1st season of Real Chance Of Love. She talks about her memories as well as sharing her thoughts on Real's cancer illness.  She also reveals there was no sex on the show. She now wants a hosting career like Lala Anthony  and also has an online show called Style It Rich.


You were best known for being on the 1st season of Real Chance of Love as Rabbit. What was your fondest of memory of being on the show?

    I would say the episode of Real hitting the guy over the head with glass and the cops showing up. I really thought it was Real LOL 

Now many people think the VH1 dating shows were scripted and wasn't real.  How real was the show?
I'll say this... It's a real situation in the house, but in reality it;s not reality it's only being done for TV if that makes sense.

Do people still call you by your nickname?

Yes! , It's hilarious but I loved that I was named after the cartoon Jessica rabbit that's a huge compliment she is fine LOL and for the record, all the girls calling themselves "Jessica Rabbit" cracks me up. I was the official one I would say because I was on a national show... huge network! for two months. Everyone else has done a few magazines here and there no big deal!

Is there anything that happened on the show that we didn't get to see on TV?

To much to tell LOL but there was no sex  on the show, People always ask that. There was never a time there was no cameras in out faces at least five camera men at all times and cameras at night in the rooms. It was also in out contracts no sex!

I'm sure you have heard about Real being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. What was your reaction when you found out and do you know how he is doing now?

I am very deeply sorry and have spoke with him... I saw him a few months back and he looked great. My prayers are with him and his family. I can relate because my mo has cancer four times and she is still here. She is a fighter and so is Real. I know he will be okay. 

Do you keep in touch with any of the girls on the show?

Yes, Cali is one of my best friends and I talk to Risky as well. 

I heard a while back that you also tried out for "I Love Money 3."
Yeah, bit it didn't air

Another VH1 show you tried out for was Chad Ochocinco's dating show. What made you decide to try out for his show?

Correction. I didn't "try out" Cali, Cashmere (For the Love of Ray-J) and I were placed there to act as if we were trying out. It was only to cause tension with the new girls. 

Have you found love now, despite being on dating shows?

You will have to find out :)

You now have a jewelry line called "The Jessica Rich Collection" can you tell us a little bit about it?

 Yes it's a line I did with Guilty They came to me with the idea of my own collection and it's amazing. I have great products and they are very affordable. I have had a lot of familiar faces rocking my brand such as Draya Michele, shaunie O Neal, Keyshia Cole, Estelle, Erica Mena, Tammy Torres, Brooke Valentine, Terrika Cason from Candy Girls.

Besides your jewelry line, what have you've been doing now since being on VH1?

Trying to get back on TV LOL It's not easy as everyone says.  I am now focusing on a hsting career for example "Lala" from MTV. That's the career path I want, people love my personality so why not host a show on a great network.  I also have an online show called "Style It Rich" I show people how to shop inexpensive but look rich and home decorate on a budget. I recently did Shaunie O Neal's house and her 2012 Christmas tree. She was an honr to work with. 

Lastly, would you ever consider doing another reality show?

Of course! but it has to be the right one at this point it's always good to keep your face out there on small cameos for shows, but the next show I do has to and will be a big one :) You will have to wait and see.

Thank you, Jessica, for this interview. Is there anything else you like to add?

Yeah follow my on Instagram- Jesisca Rich and Twitter @MsJessicaRich and shop my jewelry and more at

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