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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Drew and Traci Explains The Sneaker Store Drama

What Really Happened?

Drew and Traci is speaking exclusively to Vlad TV about the whole ordeal with their sneaker store and how Drew was screwed over by his partner by giving him all that money. We didn't really know that much about what really happened. Many viewers speculated that he was setting Traci up or that whole storyline was fake. They are now sharing the full details in a video below. 

Drew reveals his partner has stores in various locations called "Stashouse Boutique" and his name is Poc. Traci also says the she has met him before and adds he  didn't want to be in the show. Hmmmm red flag right there. Drew says he had a contract pending with hims and conversations with him all recorded.

Check out the full video 

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