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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami Cover Upscale Magazine + Talks Jennifer/Royce Departures

basketball wives-shaunie onel-tami roman-evelyn lozada-Upscale magazine-July2013cover-the jasmine brand

Shaunie O Neal, Evelyn Lozada, and  Tami Roman cover the latest issue of Upscale magazine and they are coming clean about the show's controversy and why they think Jennifer and Royce left the show.

On the show's negativity
"People were connecting my behavior on the show with the incident with Chad. They were like, ‘Well if she acts like that on the show, then I’m sure she acts like that at home.’ I’m a totally different person at home."

-Evelyn Lozada

"I was very depressed last summer. I was dealing with some things that were going on with my mother and everything that was happening with the backlash from the show. I started eating everything under the sun. I blew up to about 190-ish pounds. I’m a tall girl, so I wear it well, but I was bordering between [size] 14 and 16 in my clothes."
-Tami Roman

On why they think Jennifer and Royce left the show

"It was a chemistry thing. It just became awkward to film or even come up with a conversation. It just wasn’t working for TV."

-Shaunie O Neal

"Royce has been a non-motherf—ing factor for the last two seasons, so it just didn’t make sense anymore. And as for Jennifer—Shaunie is [being] nice but I’m going to tell you this—we don’t condone the incident with Jennifer, but we do . You know something’s bound to happen when you put a bunch of women together and there’s a lot of conversation and going on. So when Jennifer went on this whole anti-show campaign, it was a little tough for us as ."

-Evelyn Lozada

The 5th season of Basketball Wives premieres in August

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