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Sunday, September 28, 2014

'Bad Girls Club' Star Kendra James Gets Baptized

Former 'Bad Girls Club' star Kendra James had her 'Bad Girls Club' Redemption today... getting baptized! She posted video on Instagram 
showing her getting baptized today.

She writes: "It's a BIG day for me!! I share it with you because that's the reason you follow me... To see what I'm up to😁 so happy to have many of my friends and family there to share in the experience." also explains why the former bad girl decided to get baptized

 "There was something more that I wanted to do. I eventually wanted to be a positive influence … When I was traveling, I would hear a lot of young girls saying ‘I wanna be like you. I wanna be on TV.’ It was just really weighing on me, because that’s not what my goal was. And I don’t think it’s attractive or cute to idolize this stuff that happens on these reality shows. But it’s more extreme when I hear it from young girls and young women who don’t see another option. How can I change and be someone they can look up to if I don’t really do the work to do it? Now, I can read all of the self-help books I want, and I can try to make some changes, but I felt that realigning with the bible and realigning with church was going to be the path I wanted to get on."

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