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Saturday, August 22, 2015

TV NEWS: Tyra Banks To Guest Star In New Season of 'Blackish'

Tyra Banks To Guest Star On 'Blackish' 

The season 2 of  'Blackish' will be getttig more guest appearances. Last season, Raven Symone guest starred Anthony Anderson's gay sister and season 2 will be getting model Tyra Banks. 

TV Line reports that she will be playing herself as Dre's best friend. The series creator Kenya Barris says the story of based on himself  of his friendship with Tyra Banks. 

 “I give my wife a lot of credit; I grew up with [Banks], but my wife came into a situation where my best friend from 4 years old is a supermodel,” he adds, laughing. “She’s a very good sport.”

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