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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nikki Baby Files Restraining Order Against Mally Mall

Nikki Files Restraining Order

The drama between Nikki Baby and Mally Mall continues. Just last week,  sex tape was leaked on the net with Nikki being unaware that there was even a sex tape. . Nikki claims that Mally Mall leaked it out but he took to twitter to deny that. 

Now TMZ' is reporting that she has filed a restraining order against him and claims he is blackmailing her to release  more sex tapes.  In the documents she filed, she makes accusations saying that he is obsessed with and has threatened to 'kill himself'

 "Mudarris makes the accusations in her request for a restraining order against Mally Mall. In the docs, she also says he's threatened to kill himself. As for violence against her ... Mudarris says Mally injured her nose back in February, and has destroyed her phones multiple times."

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