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Friday, February 19, 2016

TV NEWS: Star Jones' Novel 'Satan's Sisters' To Be Made Into A VH1 Show

VH1 Greenlights 'Statan's Sisters'

It has been confirmed that VH1 will be making a TV show version of star Jones' 2011 novel "Statan Sisters' which is based on her time on "The View" The show will be about five females hosting a show together called "The Lunch Hour' and drama unfolds behind the scenes.

 Satan’s Sisters” will focus on the five female co-hosts of a popular daily TV talk show and the fireworks that ensue each weekday when they discuss life, love, family, politics and gossip. These women, who all have very different points of view, are best friends and sisters — while they’re on TV. But behind the scenes, they are “Satan’s Sisters” — a backstage world filled with power struggles, personal demons, diva fits, love affairs, man troubles, cat fights and cocktails.

Star Jones was also "The View" confirming the news


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