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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Karen Gravano Says Drita Tried To Use Her Father's Reputation To Get Her Fired From 'Mob Wives'

 Karen Says Reunion Show Was Edited

The drama between Drita and Karen is still not over. Drita recently spoke to BuzzFeed exposing the show by saying it was never in her favor. Now Karen speaking exclusively to  Radar Online saying the reunion was edited to cover up lies Drita made allegedly made about her father. Karen says that Drita also threatened to quit the show when Karen came back for the 5th season. Karen says that Drita feated her father was out o get her and murder more people when he was going to get out.

 She went over to production and started complaining that VH1 is very stupid to get involved with [my father] Sammy the Bull. She doesn’t want to put her family in jeopardy. That my father’s going to come home out of jail, have nothing and start killing people and basically she’s going to quit the show if I came back.”

 “She never wanted to be exposed about what happened in season 4 before we all left. Me, Drita, Carla and Ramona made a pact. We were going to stick together. We were going to ask for more things in our contract—and the last second Drita sold us out. She told the network what we were doing and went to work.”

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