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Monday, September 12, 2016

Porsha and Kandi ALEGEDLY Get Into A Fight During Season 9 Taping Of 'RHOA'

 Kandi vs Porsha

The 9th season of 'RHOA' premieres om Nov 6th and they are already reports that Kandi and Porsha got into an altercation. According to a blogger name Tamara Tattles Porsha Williams allegedly had a 'nervous' breakdown at a local restuarant with the cast.


“Porsha fled the restaurant as production captured her running out into traffic and running back and forth across the street! Porsha had a full on meltdown while the rest of the cast watched through the window,” Tattles writes.

“This will most certainly appear on camera. In answer to Kandi’s question, it doesn’t seem like anger management is working for Porsha and she continues to be a major liability for Bravo. My sources referred to the incident as a bizarre nervous breakdown.”

Kenya Moore confirmed they almost got into altercation.

There also been reports and rumos that the reason behind is because Porsha slept with Kandi's ex who is Riley's dad

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