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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Reality Star Contestant Murdered With A Hammer and Buried In Backyard

 Reality Star Murdered

I don't know if you guys have heard about this horrific story. There was a woman who appeared on the E show 'Bridalplasty' went missing early this week. Her name is Lisa Marie Neagle. It has been reported by TMZ that she was murdered with a hammer and buried in  her killer's backyard. The killer is Jackie Jerome Rogers, a guy she was having an affair with according to TMZ

Variety is reporting he has been arrested

Rogers was arrested for murder following the disappearance of Naegle, a former contestant on the E! reality series “Bridalplasty,” according to Los Angeles Police Department media relations officer Tony Im.

Im confirmed the case is being treated as a homicide and that LAPD detectives and representatives from the coroner’s office are currently on their way to the suspect’s property, where they believe the body will be found.

Rogers, one of Naegle’s nursing students at West Los Angeles College, was detained on Tuesday for questioning and later arrested after a surveillance video, which the family tracked down, showed Naegle entering his black SUV.


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