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Friday, June 23, 2017

'Bad Girls Club' Star Flo Goes Off On Online Trolls On Instagram

'Bad Girls Club' Star Suffers Breakdown

Please pray Flo! 'Bad Girls Club' star Flo has posted disturbing videos on her instagram page, showing her shaving her head and having a mental breakdown because of online bullies. In on of her videos, she says people are talking about her family and daughter. Ever since she appeared on Bad girls club, her marriage ended and she was arrested for drugs. 

I hope she gets some help. Dani posted a message about the video o her instagram

credit: BGCtea

Here are her videos

Its not gonna be nice when all hell breaks loose cuz I'm with god and he got my back so hard-!! Other than this i swear u know I love peace and I love people being together and I love to be trusted and I love to trust other people and I love to have fun in life and I love to be me and I've done a lot of things that a lot of people in my family were against but you know at the end they realized while you know she did it she wasn't afraid to be herself and do it so they ended up respected me later on it took a long time to meet for me to gain the respect but when I finally straightened up my s*** they all started to respect me and you no fog Bad Girls Club focal that man I'm flow so when you see me doing regular s*** I'm a regular person please stop thinking that I'm supposed to be like acting like this hi celebrity whose like for girls how much money I have or where I live or what I drive none of that I'm still going to be floman remember that I'm not everybody else I'm going to be flow for the rest of my life Florina Kaja that's me man forever so please stop it stop stop stop asking me why you don't dress like you got money why you don't b**** I'm a regular person what do you think my girls called made the bad girls rich don't put they like don't look at their pretend lies and they pretend cars and it rented rented this and rented that man that fridge we tryna get this money it's hard but I'm never going to pretend I live good I live real good my daughter lives real good but not cuz I'm richest cuz I'm smart and I know how to do this my daughter's got a good life I have a good life I haven't been able to find love and it's very hard because of this Balkan TV show people really are either afraid to date me or when they do they act weird and and they just act like I'm supposed to like you know make them a star and do this and do that but like man I just need somebody to be there for me love me like like I'm a normal person like a person who's been through a lot and I just need somebody to understand me that's it otherwise I'm good by myself I'm chilling I'm chilling and if you read this thank you and if you understand me thank you you must have been through what I
A post shared by self made boss🇦🇱🇦🇱💋 (@therealflorina) on

A post shared by self made boss🇦🇱🇦🇱💋 (@therealflorina) on

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