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Monday, August 25, 2008

Iron Chef becoming a video game

Yep you heard it the popular show on the food network, is turning intoa video game for Wii, according here is the scoop:

Chopping up ingredients with the Wii remote.
Creating ice cream out of the secret ingredient: whether it’s prawns, asparagus, or back fat, you can shock and delight the judges by making it into ICE CREAM!
Knife fighting. There has to be some element of violence thrown in, it’s a VIDEO game! The idea that it would be possible to repeatedly stab Rachael Ray would make this game a top seller overnight.

Actual testing of your culinary knowledge. If meat isn’t cooked properly, or your sauce overpowers the secret ingredient, you get deductions.
Hilarious and random guest judges like Steven Schirripa, Bruce Vilanch, Joel McHale, Jewel, Bonecrusher, Anderson Cooper, and Andrew Firestone (who all appeared on the television show).
Option to play the original Japanese version of the game, with hilariously bad English dubbing.
Bonus round where you have to fight a Gordon-Ramsey-headed dragon that spits fire and curses at you.


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